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Where is hydrogen fuel used

Where is hydrogen fuel used?

Hydrogen is a clean fuel. When used as fuel, it produces only water as waste. It can be used to store, transport and provide energy. Hydrogen can be produced from various energy sources such as natural gas, nuclear energy, biomass, wind energy and photovoltaics. These qualities make hydrogen an...

How is hydrogen fuel obtained

How is hydrogen fuel obtained?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe, and it is very common on Earth. Hydrogen is the simplest of atoms, made up of one proton and one electron. But pure diatomic hydrogen (H2) is the fuel used by batteries and does not exist naturally. Because hydrogen easily combines with other...

electricity generated in clouds

How is electricity generated in clouds?

Is it possible that electrical energy arises from nothing? In this world where there is a continuous search for forms of renewable energy, this might sound crazy. However, recent research is challenging the belief that electricity is generated from where you least expect it. But what are we talking...

lithium battery

How does a lithium battery work?

Knowing how a lithium battery works is something important today, since these batteries have invaded all kinds of devices, from laptops to mobile devices, including many other technology gadgets. That is why we are going to dedicate this article to studying how they work. What is a...

sustainable fuel

What is sustainable fuel?

Formula 1 has always been a proving ground for discovering new ways to build cars that need to be fast and safe. And in recent years, sustainability is also a challenge to achieve. A fight against time that brings together some of the best engineers and professionals in the sector. Precisely, one...

What is biotechnology

What is biotechnology and what does it do?

Can you imagine walking through a forest illuminated by trees that glow in the dark without the need to consume electricity? Or that, if you ever needed it, your doctor could replicate and print your organs on a 3D printer to save your life. And perhaps, the greatest irony would be found in the...

geothermal energy

How does geothermal energy work?

Renewable sources are helping to make the energy transition much more bearable. But we still need a push to reach full independence and sustainability. Only in this way can polluting sources of energy such as oil, coal or natural gas be definitively abandoned. For now we have solar power and wind...

What are photovoltaic panels

What are photovoltaic panels? Photovoltaic solar panel production

In recent years, society has faced new challenges. Among them, the deterioration of the environment has set off the alarms. So much so that governments, companies and individuals today have a key task: fight against climate change. And one way to do it is through the use of photovoltaic...


What is Agrotech?

Technology is increasingly present in all areas of life, and agriculture is no exception. Can you imagine how he supports it? Agrotech companies have revolutionized the way food is produced. Do you want to know how they do it? Imagine the traditional way of farming. For centuries, this task...

floating solar power plant

What is a floating solar power plant?

Solar energy has become, together with wind power, a basic pillar for the sustainable future to which we aspire as a society. Thanks to solar plates and panels we can take advantage of the energy that comes to us from the greatest source that we have around us, the Sun. Not only that. As we get...

hydroelectric power plants

How do hydroelectric power plants work?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to efficiently store energy and use it when it is most needed? We live in a world with enormous energy demand, especially electricity. Accordingly, we find the hydroelectric power released with the help of pumps, do you know what it is? Hydropower plays...

artificial photosynthesis

What is artificial photosynthesis? Hydrogen production by artificial photosynthesis

Did you know that hydrogen has great potential to mitigate climate change? However, its production causes a large amount of fossil fuel consumption that harms the environment. That's why scientists are investigating how they can safely produce it with a study using artificial photosynthesis. We...

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