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How to remove search bar from home screen iPhone

How to remove search bar from home screen iPhone

One of these changes in iOS for iPhone is the addition of the call button to the iPhone's home screen. If you don't like the search button and prefer to keep the "dots" that signify your homepages, you'll be glad to know there's a way to bring them back. In this guide, we will explain how to...

iPhone gizli fotoğraf albümü gizleme

How to hide hidden photos on iPhone

New features coming to iPhone's operating system, iOS, offer us great opportunities to make various customizations. In addition to major privacy and security updates, the platform has also transformed the home screen with beautifully designed widgets. However, there are a number of nifty features...

What transport protocol does DNS use

What transport protocol does DNS use?

DNS or Domain Name System belongs to the family of internet protocols and is used to resolve domain names, that is, to determine the IP address of the server where the domain we want to access is hosted. The web pages we can see when looking at the Internet have their own IP addresses, just like...

iphone dns

How to change DNS settings on iPhone?

No matter how capable Apple's iOS-powered iPhones are, they need a good internet connection to show off their capabilities. You can use alternative DNS addresses to improve Wi-Fi connectivity on iPhone. So how to change DNS settings on iPhone? With this simple tutorial, we will explain step by step...

windows regedit

What is Windows registry editor?

We tell you all the details about regedit in Windows, the famous registry editor with which you should be very careful.

Apple iMessage

How to mark messages as unread on iPhone

We tell you how to mark a message as unread on iPhone in great detail.

iPad keyboard not working fix

iPad keyboard not working fix

We explain all the methods and processes to fix iPad keyboard not working problem.

How to screen share on Discord

How to screen share on Discord?

Who would have thought that one day we would need to know how to share screen on Discord? Discord is an online communication app that allows users to talk to each other via text, voice, and video chat. Originally it was created to play video games with friends; however, today it is widely used...


How to remove flash notification on iPhone

Discover how to activate and deactivate the flash in your iPhone notifications

How to cool down your laptop

How to cool down your laptop?

Have you noticed that your laptop gets too hot? This is a common problem that could affect its performance if you don't take care of it in the short term. Luckily, there are many solutions you can consider, from changing your workspace to buying a refrigeration accessory. Next, we teach you how to...

nvidia broadcast

How to use Nvidia Broadcast?

Nvidia Broadcast has been with us for some time now, updating and adding more and more features to make streaming or recording content creators easier and with better quality. We will no longer need the huge chroma behind to eliminate the background, equalizers or channel mixers or soundproofing...

How to change iPhone keyboard background

How to change iPhone keyboard background?

You can customize the iPhone keyboard to your liking, background, colors, keys and much more by following these steps.

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