About Us

Kartal24.com is an independent internet news site.

Kartal 24 contains content from all categories in general. But it is dedicated to some categories: Technology, gaming, products, science, culture and art, tv-cinema, sports, city life, real estate, infrastructure and transport, weather.

Kartal 24 has English, Spanish and Turkish editions. It also has a YouTube channel.

  • kartal24.com/en – EN Main page (It is an international publication, but focuses on the USA).
  • kartal24.com/es – ES Main page (For Spanish-speaking countries, but focuses on Spain and Mexico).
  • kartal24.com – TR Main page for local news and city life.
  • kartal24.com/teknoloji – TR Main page for tech, gaming, tv-cinema, science.

About Kartal 24

Kartal 24 was founded on November 10, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kartal24.com is a desktop and mobile compatible website. We care about readability and user-friendliness. Kartal 24’s website is constantly updated as internal production.

The Turkish edition of our site is mostly read in Turkey, Germany, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands and France. The Spanish edition of our site is most read in Mexico, Spain, USA, Peru and other South America countries. The English edition of our site is mostly read in the USA, the UK, India and Canada.

Kartal 24 is not affiliated with any government agency, municipality or political party and is not funded by any institution.

Our Mission

Kartal 24 considers the right of the society to obtain information and to receive news as freedom.

The reason why Kartal 24 was founded is to meet the need for an independent media that will enable people to access news freely in Istanbul and Turkey.

Kartal 24 aims to reach all segments of the public. We think that information will spread more freely as the public becomes an open society.

For this, we have created a media that is easily accessible to everyone and does not depend on anyone, by using the internet, which removes the barriers to information.

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