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The best movies to watch in VR headset

Three-dimensional cinema has been exhibited at various stages and at different times throughout history, but has now re-emerged with the aim of increasing the number of viewers in cinemas, thanks to new technologies and new tools, especially VR headsets. If you're wondering which are the best 3D...


The best BL Asian drama

If you are addicted to BL dramas, we bring you the best BL dramas in Asia. Although BL series initially stood out with their romantic scenes, it is an indisputable fact that the new BL series that have been shot recently have started to become mainstream with their deep stories, action scenes and...


The best earthquake and tsunami movies

Earthquake movies have become popular in recent years with the movie San Andreas. In the film, Dwayne Johnson plays a helicopter pilot who sets out to San Francisco to look for his daughter when a massive earthquake turns Los Angeles into rubble. Of course, this is not the only movie about...

House of the Dragon book summary

House of the Dragon book summary

For those wondering which book is House of the Dragon, the book "House of the Dragon" is the book released under the name "Fire & Blood". The co-author of the book is George R. R. Martin. So what does the House of the Dragon book summary say? Read on for more. House of the Dragon...

The Darksaber A Symbol of Power and Legacy

The Darksaber: A Symbol of Power and Legacy

In this article, we delve deep into what is the Darksaber?, its origins, its wielders, and the profound impact it has had on the galaxy. What is the Darksaber? The Darksaber is not just any lightsaber; it is a symbol of power, leadership, and a rich history steeped in Mandalorian tradition....

The best movies for teenagers and older kids

The best movies for teenagers and older kids

Even though they see themselves as adults, they still have a long way to go. It's also about confusion and adolescence, but also about idealism and the desire to contribute something to the world. For teens, there are movies that they will likely relate to and take a personal nuance from. It is...


From Fantasy to Reality: The Evolution of Replica Lightsabers

The Star Wars lightsaber is one of the sci-fi weapons that have captured the imaginations of fans of different generations and walks of life. This enduring appeal of lightsabers is what led to the birth of a market for replica lightsabers, and today (nearly four decades after the first...


The best Apple TV+ sci-fi series

The Apple catalog offers series for all tastes. But among the most popular on the platform are several sci-fi proposals that offer viewers the chance to explore new worlds, present complex and engaging characters, discover futuristic and advanced technology, and enjoy exciting narratives and...


Movies and TV shows about autism

Cinema and the world of series sometimes help us to see things from another point of view, to discover different realities, to learn... They are tools that reflect reality, although they often go beyond it. In this article we bring you 13 movies and series about autism that you cannot miss. As you...


The best drama movies you should watch

How many times have you heard that "life is drama"? The truth is that even the beginning of cinema was accompanied by drama and has continued to accompany us in different directions ever since: courthouse dramas, melodramas, teen dramas, prison dramas... If, like us, you like to watch other...


The best mini-series 2024

Television fiction manifests itself in various ways and one of the most accessible are mini-series, or limited series as they have recently been called, since they present a closed story over a handful of episodes. Therefore, they are a perfect option for those looking to see something without...

space tv series

The best space tv series 2024

Space; It's full of mysteries, adventures, and enigmas, and the show makers know how to take advantage of it. However, not all productions based on this theme are good enough to make you hallucinate. For the same reason, today we will tell you which are the best space series on platforms such as...

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