BetB2B: iGaming business trends and demographic changes

The iGaming industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. This is facilitated by a number of factors, including the development of technology, the spread of the Internet and increased awareness of betting and gambling, according to BetB2B experts.

The iGaming industry is facing new challenges. One of them is the need to take into account the demographic changes occurring in society.

Previously, gambling was mainly focused on the older generation. However, in recent years there has been an increase in interest in gambling among young people. has released a report that presents the results of a study by LaneTerralever. According to the report, Generation Z and Millennials are increasingly favoring sports betting and online casino gambling:

  • the growing popularity of online gambling, young people are more inclined to gamble online than in traditional casinos;
  • changing attitudes towards gambling, because the younger generation has a more positive attitude towards iGaming, unlike older people;
  • the younger generation is increasingly favoring Esport betting, unlike the older generation who favor traditional sports for betting.

Due to this, the iGaming industry needs to rethink its marketing strategies. Companies need to pay more attention to youth.

To attract the attention of clients of all ages, companies must offer a product that meets the needs of different demographic groups. This differentiated approach includes:

Variety of games and products. Companies must offer a wide variety of games and products to attract players of all ages.

Individual approach. It is necessary to offer personalized offers to meet the needs of players.

Comfort and safety. iGaming websites must provide a comfortable and safe environment for players of all ages.

Of course, demographic changes pose a major challenge to the iGaming industry. However, if companies respond to these changes correctly, they will be able to attract even more clients to maintain their success in the future.

Experts from BetB2B, one of the leading providers of ready-made business solutions, also comment on these changes in the market in terms of new opportunities:

– Businesses in this area must use data about their players to segment them by age, gender, interests and other factors. This will help you create more relevant marketing offers. In addition, companies must create content that will appeal to different generations. This includes using different languages, styles and formats.

BetB2B: Game Trends

When we talk about trends in the iGaming industry, one of the main trends is undoubtedly Esports. First of all, its interactivity is attractive. Esports competitions and virtual arenas create a unique place for players where they don’t just watch the game, but become part of the process.

Here every move, every strategy matters, and success depends on skill and coordination. This is not just a game. This is an event where players become emotionally involved. And in general, this audience consists of the younger generation. This group of users value unique games integrated with popular trends and loot boxes, which stimulates innovation in the industry.

This increased interest in Esport proportionally increases engagement in betting on cyber sports events.

Despite the explosive growth of Esports, there is also an interesting trend among players over 50 years old. In 2023, we see their share in the iGaming industry increase by 12% compared to last year. These players often prefer classic gambling games such as roulette and blackjack. This shows that the iGaming industry is not only getting younger, but also attracting a diverse range of age groups.

– Investing in content for different age groups and interests is the key to success for companies, BetB2B experts comment. – The iGaming industry continues to evolve and attract players across generations, offering diverse and exciting games that reflect the zeitgeist and needs of modern audiences.

Upcoming iGaming Trends

Forecasted that within a year the iGaming industry will reach a total value of $94 billion worldwide. This growth is associated with technological discoveries, the introduction of virtual reality, the massive use of artificial intelligence and simplified access to the World Wide Web.

Let’s take a look at the key aspects that shape the current iGaming landscape:

Virtual and augmented reality have a growth rate (CAGR) of over 30% from 2020. The rate is projected to maintain until 2027. This demonstrates the growing interest in VR and AR.

Blockchain technology. More and more iGaming websites are starting to accept cryptocurrencies, opening up new opportunities for users and attracting a wider audience.

Cybersport. As the fastest growing sector in the iGaming industry, total betting volume is on track to reach $14 billion, up from $7 billion in 2020.

How to run an iGaming business in accordance with trends? – BetB2B

iGaming is a fast-growing and highly competitive industry. To attract new players and retain them, it is necessary to monitor changes in the market and create more and more unique offers. This requires in-depth research and the ability to predict future trends.

– To show sustainable growth, companies have to spend huge resources on developing conceptual solutions. For an iGaming business, such costs are often unjustified. Because you have to deal with a lot of errors and pay for them, instead of being directly involved in your activities, BetB2B representatives comment. – In turn, we specialize in creating a product. This is our expertise and our field of activity. Therefore, it is much easier and more useful for companies to use our ready-made solutions, which already correspond to all market trends, rather than spending money on developing similar products.

BetB2B offers high-quality and effective solutions:

  1. Turnkey Solution is a comprehensive set of solutions, including a wide selection of content for casinos and sports and Esports betting. These solutions are combined into a single platform, allowing players  to get everything they need in one place. Thus, the company provides a convenient and reliable way to launch an online casino or betting company and provides the widest possible selection of content to meet the needs and requirements of players.
  2. BetB2B Sportsbook API is a solution that allows you to integrate betting on more than 182 sports. This API provides a convenient way to integrate bidding into any website. Thanks to this, players are able to quickly and easily access a variety of sports content and place bets in real time.
  3. Retail Solution. These are comprehensive solutions specially designed for betshops. These solutions provide a convenient and reliable way to manage your betshop and place bets in real time.

In addition, BetB2B can quickly integrate any product from its portfolio onto the iGaming website:

  • casino  games from more than 100 developers
  • database of own games
  • about 182 sports for accepting bets
  • esports events
  • bingo
  • financial instruments – more than 250 options for accepting payments

BetB2B provides technological and modern infrastructure and support at all stages. More details can be found at company website,