How to change language in Dying Light 2: Steam, Epic, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox

Most PC games come with many different language options for subtitles and voiceovers. Of course, Dying Light 2, a popular AAA game, is no different in this regard.

Includes full interface, audio and subtitles for English, French, German, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Available in more languages ​​with interface and subtitles besides audio: Italian, Korean, Arabic, Czech, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Turkish.

However, despite having all these options, switching to another language is not as easy and intuitive as many other games. We will show you how to change language, subtitle, audio, speech on Dying Light 2 for PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC.

Dying Light 2 language change

We have prepared a quick video for those who buy and play the game on Steam. You can easily change the language by watching the video on the YouTube video below.

For those who bought the game from the Epic Games Store, things are a little more complicated. Open Epic Games Launcher. Click on your profile icon (top right corner of the window). Choose settings. Scroll down. Dying Light 2. Select the Additional Command Line Arguments checkbox. Enter -epiclocale=xx where xx is your language shortcode (eg en, en, de, pl, ru). Enter en for English.

If you’re playing the game on PC by downloading it from an external source, you’ll have to fiddle a bit with the game files to activate the English patch. Please remember that there is always a chance something could go wrong when doing this and you should proceed with caution and at your own risk.

How to change language in pirate game? If you have a pirated copy of Dying Light 2, open the path “ph/source/data_lang/” in the game installation folder. Open the “steam_api64.ini” file with notepad. Replace “english” or “en” with “espanol” or “es”. For example, I wrote for Spanish. You have to write the language you want.

First, make sure Dying Light 2 is not currently turned on. Next, navigate to “\Dying Light 2\ph\work\data_lang”. Search for speech folders for languages ​​you don’t want to use here. Copy and paste them to another location (so you can restore them later if you want). Delete any speech folders other than the language you want to use here. Finally restart the game. This way, you will keep your subtitle localizations while continuing to play in another audio language. You can use this method even if you bought the game from Steam, Epic or GoG for a fee.

As for PlayStation and Xbox, the procedure works very similarly. On PS go to main menu and select DL2. From there go to Manage Game Content. Here you can delete the language packs you don’t want and download the language pack you want to use. If you’re on Xbox, go to the game’s page in your Library and edit the language packs there as you would on PlayStation.