Best cream for dark spots on face

We select the most recommended cosmetics to prevent and treat stains.

I’ve never been more worried about blemishes on my face until I first suffered from melasma a few years ago. If you don’t know what it is, we suggest you take a look at this article about the most common types of facial blemishes and how to treat or prevent them.

Since then, hats, sunscreen, and depigmentation cosmetics have become my inseparable daily allies, although I change my routines according to the season and the intensity of the sun. For example, while in the summer I use a lighter depigmenting cream that is not light sensitive, I usually apply a conditioning peel every winter and use a stronger depigmenting agent.

If you are also suffering from blemishes and are looking for a solution, in addition to getting used to using high factor sunscreen throughout the year, you should include different anti-spot creams and cosmetics that help us moisturize the skin in your beauty routine.

A depigmenting product with ingredients like bleaching agents and melanin modifiers or Vitamin E thanks to its powerful antioxidant effect is perfect for blackheads on the face.

In addition to cosmetics containing arbutin and certain acids such as kojic, tranexamic and azelaic acids, regenerative ingredients such as glycolic or retinol and antioxidants such as niacinamide, vitamin C or ferulic may be preferred.

The main point when choosing a depigmentation cream is its content, as these will determine its effectiveness. It is also necessary to consider the possible effects of each cosmetic product on sensitive skin, whether it can be combined with other products, or at what time of the year it should be used.

Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion

Neoretin Discrom Control Ultra Emulsion

The best cream to treat any kind of hyperpigmentation for women from 30 to very advanced age who are very concerned about blackheads on the face. Neoretin’s depigmentation cream is one of the most recommended creams by pharmacists to treat facial blemishes. A cosmetic that you can use continuously or combine with other depigmentation treatments for a more intense effect.

Its formula stands out with its RetinSphere Technology® technology, which is composed of high concentrations of retinoids, tranexamic acid and niacinamide, which act as depigmentation by blocking the substances responsible for melanin synthesis, as well as the brand’s characteristic protection against pollution (EDAFENCE®, one of the possible causes of blemishes).

Eucerin Anti-Pigment

Eucerin Anti-Pigment

A good sunscreen to use daily as a regular moisturizer throughout the year (except in the summer months when you’ll need higher protection). Perfect for women who find it difficult to follow a strict routine and are looking for an all-in-one sunscreen, moisturizer, conditioning and anti-blemish. Thiamidol in its formula works by lightening dark spots and reducing the production of melanin which turns it into a more unified and bright tone.

This is one of the favorite anti-blemish creams for Mifarma users. It is particularly indicated for the treatment of hyperpigmentation (dark spots), it also has a mild SPF 30 sun protection factor and is perfect for applying in the morning, especially if you are using a complementary anti-blemish serum or a treatment that can sensitize the skin to light.

Sesderma Repaskin Invisible Fluido SPF 50

Sesderma Repaskin Invisible Fluido SPF 50

A good anti-blemish cream for those looking for a year-round daily care. The depigmentation effect is not as intense as other creams, but it is perfect as a maintenance treatment, for example in summer. The depigmentation properties of this cream are due to tranexamic and azelaic acids and 4-butylresorcinol, which inhibit enzymes and transporters responsible for melanin production. In this way, they prevent the appearance of black spots.

On the other hand, TGF-BETA2 growth factor contributes to better skin regeneration by repairing damage that can cause blemishes to appear. And as a final step, bright pigments unify the tone to hide and blur existing spots. The result is smoother, younger-looking and strengthened skin. But it also contains SFP50 sun protection factor, so you can use it year-round, even in summer.

Bella Aurora Tratamiento Anti-Manchas

Bella Aurora Tratamiento Anti-Manchas

A good cream to treat and prevent dark spots caused by sun, acne or age, especially recommended for women with normal or dry skin. It is ideal to use as a daytime moisturizer in the months when the sun does not come intensely.

Bio10 Forte series stands out among the anti-spot creams and emulsions of Bella Aurora, one of the most recommended brands with its excellent price and result ratio. Depigmenting cosmetics formulated with B-CORE 221™ technology release pigment-removing active ingredients directly into the cells responsible for producing melanin (melanocytes) for a faster and more effective result. Thus, in addition to lightening the stains, it also prevents their reoccurrence.

Its formula also contains moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging active ingredients that increase skin elasticity and firmness, hide small wrinkles and expression lines. It allows you to use it during the day with an extra light SPF20 sun protection factor, but you should replace it with a higher sun protection during the months when the sun is more intense.

Isdin Fotoultra 100 Active Unify Color SPF50+

Isdin Fotoultra 100 Active Unify Color SPF50

The best anti-spot sunscreen to use year-round, as it comes together in one product. It is perfect for women who are uncomfortable with stains and want to prevent the formation of stains. The DP3-Unify Complex in its formula allows it to regulate melanin production and exert a depigmenting effect. But its protection is much higher than usual, especially SPF 50+ (equivalent to SPF 100), which makes it perfect for preventing the appearance of new spots caused by the sun.

If there is one point that all experts agree on, it is the importance of using sun protection throughout the year. Not only to prevent the appearance of spots, but also to protect your face from premature aging caused by the action of the sun’s rays. Therefore, it may be a very good idea to replace your usual cream with an anti-spot sunscreen such as Isdin’s Fotoultra Active Unify 100 Ff Photoprotector.

In addition, the formula is enriched with color pigments that work like CCream, making the tone much more even.

Lotus Radiance Dark Spot Treatment

Lotus Radiance Dark Spot Treatment

It is a good anti-blemish cream to use throughout the year as it is not light sensitive. It is particularly recommended for women who want to prevent the appearance of new hyperpigmentation or will combine it with other more intense depigmentation treatments. With a natural formula, this Freshly Cosmetics cream works in two steps. First, it reduces melanin to lighten the dark spots on the face. On the other hand, it improves and regulates the functioning of the cells responsible for the synthesis of melanin to prevent the appearance of new spots.

It achieves this through the depigmenting action of vitamin C capsules and cystoseira algae, exfoliation by lactic acid, Mexican arnica and violet rhodella, and regulation of melanin production by azelaic acid capsules. Of course, although users claim to notice a brighter tone and smoother and more beautiful skin, it does not lighten blemishes like other more intense treatments. Therefore, prevention is a better option than cure.