A guide to the care of natural stone

Natural stones are one of the most preferred materials in quality projects. However, the porosity of some stones causes the stone to remain unprotected, while the stains that occur on natural stones affect the design and make it difficult to use. For this reason, it is important to clean the natural stones periodically and to get rid of the stains and dirt on them.

There are some issues that should be considered when cleaning natural stones. The first of these is the selection of the right material. Because using the wrong material will cause damage to the stone due to its chemical content.

How to Protect Natural Stones?

Moisture entering from the bottom and back surface of the stone will damage the stone. For this, the right material must be selected during assembly. Light-colored stones can be protected by using resin-based materials instead of water-based adhesives. In horizontal or vertical applications, it should be ensured that the surface is covered with mortar.

Choosing the Right Material in the Right Place

Especially cultural stone is a very favorite application in the use of natural stone indoors. The fact that it does not require maintenance and that the application phase is easy increases its preference in the interior. We know that the use of culture stone and culture brick is frequently preferred, especially in large projects. It would be healthy to know the properties of the material to be used in such projects and to choose according to the area and function of the project.

The Right Protective Chemicals

In order to provide a successful protection for natural stones, the physical and chemical structure of the surface must be defined correctly.

Removable Temporary Surface Coatings

Some coatings may be temporary. In this case, materials that can provide temporary adhesion of the material should be used.

Which Surfaces Can Be Protected?

While there is no need to do anything to protect some of the natural stones, natural stones such as marble travertine, onyx and basalt require maintenance.

Protection of natural stones

Protection in natural stones occurs in two ways. The first is the protection of the stone against stains and the second is protection against environmental conditions.

Matters to be considered in the protection against environmental conditions can be counted as blooming, lime, salt specks, pollution due to air pollution, moss and rust.