What is the highest point of Istanbul?

There are those who wonder where Istanbul’s highest point is. We have an answer for you. We searched the highest peaks of Istanbul for adventure lovers, those who want to watch Istanbul from the highest hill and experience a magnificent view.

Especially if you want to watch Istanbul like a balcony, the place you are looking for is Aydos Mountain in Kartal. Here you can watch the Anatolian Side and Princes’ Islands view from Yakacık Hill like a balcony.

Highest points in Istanbul

The highest point in Istanbul is Aydos Hill, Yakacik, standing at 537m tall. Aydos is located in the Yakacik area of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, within the borders of the town of Kartal. It attracts over thousands of visitors every year. Aydos Mountain, most of which is located in Yakacık Carsi Mahallesi in Kartal, is also located within the borders of Pendik, Sultanbeyli and Sancaktepe districts.

However, the southern part of the hill with high quality and scenery and most of it is within the borders of Kartal. Aydos Hill is the highest point in Istanbul with an altitude of 537 meters. Alemdag follows Aydos with a height of 442 meters. Kayisdagi, on the other hand, has an altitude of 438 meters. The altitude of Camlica hill is 268 meters.

  1. Aydos: Altitude 537 meters
  2. Alemdag: Altitude 442 meters
  3. Kayisdagi: Altitude 438 meters
  4. Camlica: Altitude 268 meters