How to make a bicycle in 7 Days to Die?

Tired of walking everywhere in 7 Days to Die? Then building a bike might be just for you! It was the first vehicle added to the game and is still very useful to acquire, especially during mid-game progression.

The default Bike speed is the same as a running player, and it moves even faster when the run key is pressed. Moreover, it has 27 slots to store your belongings. This makes it an effective way to retrieve items found during routine scavenging trips.

How to make a 7 Days to Die bike?

In previous versions, it was more difficult to make a bike (called Minibike in older versions). It also required the use of a Workbench to craft it. In the latest version, making a bike is much easier.

To make a bicycle, you need 2 wheels, bicycle frame, bicycle handlebars and mechanical parts. To produce most of these parts you need to improve your Engine knowledge. After completing the missing items, you can produce them by pressing the Tab key and entering the inventory.


Building a bike requires 4 different types of components.

  • 2x Wheel: For each wheel crafting, 24x Scrap Polymers (can be obtained from tires on the ground), 1x Bottle of Acid (can be found in garbage, houses and many places), 3x Forged Iron (12x Iron and 6x to craft You must use clay soil), 2x Oil (obtainable from gas stations, garbage and sedans), 15x Coal is required.
  • Bicycle Frame: 15x Forged Iron to craft, 6x Mechanical Parts, 6x Duct Tape (crafted with glue and cloth), 6x Leather (obtained from dead animals and zombies), 1x Electrical Parts (street (obtained from objects such as lamps, gas stations, and sedans) is required.
  • Bicycle Handlebar: 6x Mechanical Parts to Craft, 3x Spring (obtained from Working Hard Cases, Sedans, harvesting blocks), 1x Headlight (obtained by destroying burnt sedans with a wrench), 3x Electric Parts, 9x Short Iron Pipe (crafted with wrought iron) are required.
  • Mechanical Parts: Obtained by hitting iron and electronic items with a wrench.

That’s everything you need to make a Bike in 7 Days to Die. It takes a lot of effort, but the end result is 100% worth it!