How to rent a bike in Istanbul?

İSBİKE was created by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) as a smart bike rental service to contribute to the development of environmental awareness. All information about the ISBIKE bicycle rental system used in Istanbul is here.

ISPARK, which wants to encourage the use of bicycles as a means of transportation in addition to the use of entertainment and sports, has a widespread service network throughout Istanbul with its “Smart Bicycle Sharing System”. On this page we will look at how to rent a bike in ISBIKE.

ISBIKE rental prices also have options suitable for every budget. Bicycles, whose first one-hour rental price is 4.5 TRY according to 2021 prices, can be rented by credit card from the ISPARK parking areas on the Kartal-Kadıköy route. However, those who wish can get subscriptions at more advantageous prices.

How to rent a bicycle in ISBIKE?

Bicycle rental in ISBIKE consists of three stages: Rent, drive and return. You can rent a bike using your credit card at bike rental stations. Here you will be given a disposable pin code. You can rent a bike in an easier way. After completing your membership on the ISBIKE mobile application or website, you can easily rent a bike with a single password by making the subscription fee and the balance. You can enjoy it after you rent the bike. You can end the rental process by returning your bike to the bike parks at bike rental stations.

You can also join the Subscription System to take advantage of the bikes. You can subscribe by signing a contract from the İSPARK centers on the route. You can use bikes with this card. In addition, for hourly rentals with a credit card without a subscription, an initial provision fee of 79 TL is charged and 8 TL is deducted from this amount for the first 1 hour of each rental. The fee changes as the time increases.

Bicycle rental prices

ISBIKE prices increased in 2022. ISBIKE standard membership fee is 39 TRY, advantageous membership fee is 100 TRY and credit card provision is 79 TRY. Advantageous membership is free for the first 30 minutes.

  • Subscription Type
  • 0-60 min.
  • 60-120 min.
  • 120-180 min.
  • Each additional hour
  • Advantageous membership (100 TRY/y)
  • 6 TRY (free for the first 30 minutes)
  • 9 TRY
  • 12 TRY
  • 8 TRY
  • Standard Annual (39 TRY/y)
  • 6 TRY
  • 9 TRY
  • 12 TRY
  • 8 TRY
  • Credit Card (79 TRY provision)
  • 6 TRY
  • 10 TRY
  • 13 TRY
  • 8 TRY
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ISBIKE bicycle rental

The easiest and fastest way to rent a bike in ISBIKE is a mobile application. You perform much faster and more reliable transactions than ISBIKE stations. Thus, your risk of encountering computer errors at ISBIKE stations is reduced and you do not contact them.

Bicycle rental with credit card via mobile application

Download the ISBIKE mobile app from Play Store or App Store. The application is only available in Turkish.

After the download has completed, create a membership. When logging into your account, it will ask you to verify your mobile phone number. After entering the code received by SMS, you can access the application.

On the first screen of the application, which includes the summary part, you can see the total usage, total distance, total calories, total time and balance.


At the bottom, you can see the closest ISBIKE stations. You can instantly access how many bicycles there are at the ISBIKE station you clicked on. You can see your past usage from the history section.


To rent a bike, press the “Bisiklet kirala / Rent a bike” button.


You will see a price schedule and subscription options. If you do not want to subscribe, choose to rent with provision.


50 TRY fee will be charged from your credit card as provision. After completing the bike ride, when you deliver the bike, your driving time will be calculated and the exact price will be determined and only the amount you have used will be withdrawn from the provision.


In the provision section, 79 TRY continues to remain as an open transaction, but in reality, no money is withdrawn from you and disappears at the end of the month. The provision is closed 1 day after the rental date. It leaves within 10 to 25 days on average.

Enter the 8-digit password you got from the mobile application with the help of the keypad on the parking unit and press the enter button. The bike will be unlocked and the rental process will be completed successfully.

Bicycle rental from ISBIKE station

You can rent a bicycle by entering your credit card at an ISBIKE station and paying a provision for your ISBIKE membership. Click the “Bisiklet kirala / rent a bike” button from the rental kiosk. First of all, you need to enter how many bicycles you want to rent, your mobile phone number and credit card information.

After completing the steps on the kiosk with your credit card, you can rent the bike using the 8-digit password provided by the system. Enter the 8-digit password sent to your mobile phone using the keypad on the parking unit and press the enter button. The bike will be unlocked and the rental process will be completed successfully.