How to sleep in 7 Days to Die?

To survive in 7 Days to Die, you need to collect supplies, kill zombies, and even use a Bedroll. Although this element may go unnoticed, the Rolled Mattress changes the rules of the game strategically.

Yes, you can’t use Bedroll to take a nap, but it will save you a few headaches after your inevitable brush with death. Here’s how to use the Rolled Bed in 7 Days to Die.

How to Bedroll 7 Days to Die?

To use Bedroll in 7 Days to Die, you will first need to craft it by collecting 10 Plant Fiber. You’ll be tasked with this challenge early in the game, so you may already have this item in your inventory. Otherwise, you can collect Plant Fibers by cutting and breaking Brown Grass, Tall Grass, and Prickly Pear.


You can use any weapon or your bare fists to do this. Go ahead and create it and place it wherever you want. These are all active uses of Bedroll because you can’t interact with it or even sleep in it.

But the actual functionality of this item is more strategic than what appears to the naked eye. If you place a Rolled Bed in 7 Days to Die, it will act as an active spawn point. Not using this will force you to spawn in a random spot on the map.

This means that if you get killed, you can spawn directly in the Rolled Bed location. After you die, you can click “Spawn on the bed” or “Spawn near the bed”. The second one will spawn you 80 blocks from Bedroll’s location.


You can use this strategically to ensure your survival. Place the Bedroll near a point of interest, a safe house, or even in the middle of the wilderness as you explore the world in 7 Days to Die.

You will spawn there immediately after you die. Moreover, since zombies will not appear near Bedroll, you will have an advantage with some additional protection. This can make Bedroll a good starting point for building a shelter.