The longest bus routes in Istanbul

IETT buses have always been a popular means of transportation in Istanbul. However, there are some lines that attract attention with their length. We took a look at IETT’s longest and most kilometers-covered lines in Istanbul. According to March 2021 data, IETT, which is affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has 822 lines serving within the provincial borders.

IETT buses are one of the first vehicles that come to mind when it comes to public transportation in Istanbul. Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel General Management (IETT) is a public subsidiary operating in Istanbul under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. With its 1,250 km road network, 6,100 km total line length, and more than 2,500 bus fleet, it covers more than 420 thousand km per day. Among the IETT lines, the “139A Harem-Şile-Ağva” line draws attention as the longest line with a length of 102 kilometers between Harem, Şile and Ağva.

While the increase in public transportation alternatives in Istanbul provides convenience in transportation, the distance traveled by those traveling between the two ends of the city sometimes reaches levels that are astonishing. IETT lines are created by using various analysis and methods with the aim of creating the most effective lines. The new lines to be added to the existing lines are put into operation in line with the creation of new business and residential areas, the increasing number of population and the demands from the public.

Considering the lines served by IETT, the longest line was “139A Harem-Şile-Ağva” with 102 kilometers, and the shortest line was “31K Kuyumcukent-Yenibosna Metro” with 3 kilometers.


  1. 139A Harem-Sile-Agva – Length: 102 km – One way trip duration: 240 Minutes
  2. 303B Silivri Prison-Bus Station – Length: 87 km – One way time: 201 Minutes
  3. 500T Tuzla-Cevizlibag – Length: 77 km – One-way voyage time: 184 Minutes
  4. 139 Harem-Sile – Length: 69km – One-way time: 160 Minutes
  5. 404 Karacakoy-Yenibosna Metro – Length: 61 km – One-way time: 158 Minutes


  1. 31K Kuyumcukent-Yenibosna Metro – Length: 3 km – One-way time: 9 Minutes
  2. 35A Kocamustafapaşa-Beyazit – Length: 4 km – One-way time: 9 Minutes
  3. 57UL Besiktas-Kuruçeşmeustu – Length: 5 km – One-way time: 13 Minutes
  4. 30M Besiktas-Mecidiyeköy 9 km – One way trip time: 11 Minutes
  5. 66Z Zincirlidere-Sisli 9 km – One way trip time: 11 Minutes