Meet the Arab Messi: The Phenomenal Journey of Mohamed Salah

At a soccer tournament in Nagrig, two boys dressed in homemade Mohamed Salah shirts engaged in a fierce rivalry for the title of champion. It was obvious that they both wanted the glory of champion and their fight was very intense, but without tension you can get a win with your favorite players.

Salah keeps his circle of close friends and treats them well, as evidenced by his recent social media post in which he publicly congratulated Mahmoud Genesh on his 40th birthday. Who Mohamed Salah is, his history and achievements are presented in this article.

How he got started

Mohamed Salah was born into humble surroundings in 1992, yet no one could have predicted what his future held for him. Growing up playing soccer on the streets of Nagrig, an impoverished rural village where 66% live below poverty line, he idolized Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo and dreamt of one day competing at their level.

Salah first joined the youth setups of local clubs Ittihad Basyoun and Othmason Tanta before being discovered by top Egyptian club Al Mokawloon. To arrive for training early each morning he left school early each day, making a three-hour journey by bus each way – though Al Mokawloon paid him approximately $20 monthly which only partially covered bus fare for one week of travel; his father who runs a jasmine trading business had to cover any remaining costs himself.

Salah has taken great interest in community regeneration projects back home in Nagrig. He even donated money towards building hospitals and Al-Azhar institutes.

His generosity has inspired countless tales, many of which would not be believed without video or photographic proof (e.g. when some bullies were harassing a homeless man at a Liverpool gas station and Salah arrived in his Bentley to defuse the situation and give money for housing). Yet this generosity is more than mere PR; Salah truly changes lives through his efforts.

The early years

Mohamed Salah was born to an close-knit family in Nagrig, Gharbia. Both his parents were educators who instilled hard work and dedication towards education into their sons; yet Young Mo was an avid football fan chasing balls around his hometown chasing after their ball! Eager to turn his passion for this sport into a successful career path he worked tirelessly towards his goal.

Early ambitions led him to join local teams Ittihad Basyoun and Othmason Tanta outside his hometown before beginning his professional football development at El Mokawloon (El Arab Contractors). By 17, his hard work had paid off as he had broken into their first team squad.

As soon as he made his mark on Europe, other teams took notice. Chelsea FC of England took an interest in him while he spent loan stints with both Fiorentina and Roma.

He made waves at the 2018 World Cup when Egypt placed all their hopes in him to perform well, scoring 22 goals across all competitions and becoming a cultural icon by donating to charity causes and even being featured at Madame Tussauds. His warm personality and gracious mannerisms earned him much adoration from fans in Egypt where he often visited fans directly.

The next step

At Argentina’s trophy ceremony following their win of the World Cup final, Emir of Qatar covered Lionel Messi with a traditional Arab garment known as a bisht robe during trophy presentation ceremony. While some saw this gesture as overshadowing Messi’s momentous moment and try to overshadow its significance on social media; others saw it as an honor for Qatar and Emir to showcase Arab culture and traditions to the world.

Qatar held an especially meaningful celebration to mark National Day on 18 September 2018. Donning PSG star Neymar in a bisht dress demonstrated their desire to promote culture while making people aware of all that Qatar offers the world.

Qatar is an aggressively marketing its image in the West. Their ambitions extend beyond sports to recruiting big-name athletes such as American rappers, NBA players and Hollywood actors – even American rappers! Qatar has hired public relations firms to push its foreign policy, tourism and investment agenda in America; as well as spending millions of dollars to promote its domestic league and attract some of the world’s finest players to Qatar.

The present

Mo, commonly known as Mohamed Salah, has already made his mark on American soccer with two goals for Inter Miami so far this season. Yet the humble icon remains true to his roots; from four-hour bus rides to global adoration; his story of perseverance and dedication is one that deserves to be shared for generations to come.

Last weekend marked another important step in Messi’s journey, when the Emir of Qatar honored him by gifting him with a traditional Arabian cloak called bisht. Dating back centuries, this garment symbolizes respect and glory – something the emir was honored to do for him. A spokesperson from his court stated he felt honored that Messi received such a precious heirloom.

Salah’s performances in Qatar also caught the eye of Saudi clubs, who offered him $400 Million per year as compensation to play for them; but he declined this offer.

Instead, Salah decided to continue his career in the United States with an eye toward giving back to Nagrig. Maher Shetia, Mayor of Nagrig, says Salah has brought renewed vigor to their town while providing local children hope for the future. Unfortunately however, Nagrig still struggles with poverty issues, so young people like Salah need to help make a difference and create change.