What is the best mobile card game?

Discover the best and most popular easy and fun card games to enjoy from your mobile.

Card games are a very entertaining hobby to spend time with the family, and which, in turn, provide endless benefits, since they exercise the brain, stimulate mental speed and memory.

Fortunately, board games have reached mobile phones and are available for children and adults. If you want to know which are the best card games available for iPhone and iPad, don’t miss this article. Below, you can see the best classic and modern card games, with which you can relive fun moments that have lasted generation after generation.



To open our list, we have selected one of the most popular Blizzard games, which is Hearthstone. It is a very complete title, since it is adapted from the original version for computers. In this we can cast powerful spells, summon warriors to fight alongside us and plan strategies that help us win all the enemies we face. In addition, it has several additional game modes.

JCC Pokémon Online

JCC Pokemon Online

On Android and iOS, we can find many Pokemon games, which are fun. But this time, we have chosen the franchise’s card and collector’s game, called “Pokémon JCC Online”. In this we will be able to gather all the Pokémon that exist in this fantastic universe, with which we will later be able to face our opponents in real time. It should be noted that strategy plays an important role, since you must plan in order to achieve victory.



UNO!™ is one of the best card games available for iPhone and iPad. It is a modern and popular game with more than 200 million people playing it online. It is a bit different from the classic board game, as the mobile version features new rules, different game modes, and global tournaments. The best of all is that you can play alone, with friends or in a team in a simple and completely free way.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls Legends

This is another of the best card and collecting games for Android and iOS that is based on a classic video game, such as The Elder Scrolls. In this title, we have an exceptional graphic section, despite being a card game, which is why it is one of its strongest points. It obviously has other features such as a smooth interface, comfortable controls, proper gameplay, and plenty of content so that users can enjoy it to the fullest. Plus, it’s free, which is always a good thing.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game


This card game is based on the universe of The Witcher, so we can use all the creatures and beings that are part of it. Many of the popular heroes are waiting for you. In addition, this title has all kinds of additional content for you to face players in real time, where you can demonstrate your skill and ability to create strategies. Obviously, it is a game designed for lovers of the competitive, so go ahead and give it a try and fight for glory.



Surely on more than one occasion you have played solitaire on your computer, as it is now available for mobile phones and with new functions and daily challenges. As in computers, you must drag the cards and place them in ascending order until you eliminate the column. You can configure the options to play with the right or the left and in a horizontal or vertical position. You’ll also be able to earn points and achieve new titles, win crowns and trophies with challenges, customize your game board with amazing backgrounds, and even send fun emojis to your friends.



It may be one of the best card games because it offers a unique experience. It is made only for one player and the objective is to manage a kingdom through cards. Everything revolves around making the best decisions to keep the church, the people and the army happy. It seems simple, but it is really challenging.

La Briscola Classic Card Games

La Briscola

La Brisca is a perfect Italian card game to play on mobile. It presents a simple mechanic where you can easily win and climb positions in the leaderboard. Of course, the game adapts to your level of knowledge, so if you are a beginner you can start from scratch and progress little by little, you can review the rules and become an expert.

Solitaire – Classic Card Games

Solitaire Classic Card Games

Solitaire – Classic Card Games is another good option to play solitaire from your mobile. With this title you will be able to exercise your mind, win daily challenges and reach higher stages in a short time. Play different modes: draw 1 card or 3 cards, participate in seasonal events, use unlimited hints and beat all levels to get rewards.