The 10 best must-have apps for living in Istanbul

Useful, interesting or curious. If you live in Istanbul, these apps cannot be missing from your smartphone.

We have almost forgotten how we lived when there were no mobile phone apps. We use these apps for just about everything: from communicating to shopping or entertaining ourselves. But among what we could find are some that are particularly interesting if you live in Istanbul. We showcase the most outstanding.

Have you just moved to Istanbul? Make your new life a little more fun and useful by downloading some of the 10 must-have apps in Istanbul. As an immigrant, it can be difficult to cope with everyday life in your new home. Fortunately, there are many mobile apps on the market these days that can make life in Istanbul a little easier.

Whether you’re working in Fatih or negotiating to buy second-hand items in Kadıköy, there’s an app for just about everything. To help you get started, we’ve listed here 10 must-have apps in Istanbul.



The Istanbulkart application, published by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is the mobile application of Istanbulkart, which is used in public transportation. You can load balance on your card and see your card’s transaction history. You can also perform balance inquiry and transaction activation with NFC. You can pay with QR code at valid businesses. Benefit from discounts with a digital card, join mobility by paying with a QR code. In addition, perform operations such as balance loading, subscription transactions.

Google Maps


See the road information with the map, reach the places you want to go easily. Get information about local restaurants and see what it’s like to go with the Street View feature right from the app. Get where you want to go faster with live traffic information.

IBB CepTrafik

ibb ceptrafik

With the IBB CepTrafik application published by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, you can access instant traffic information anytime and anywhere. You can see live traffic density, instant weather, instant traffic announcements, road status notifications, instant bridge status, live road cameras, İspark points, İsbike stations throughout the city.



With Moovit you can access all local mobility options in one app. You get the best route suggestions by selecting your current location and the point you want to go to. All nearby lines are shown in real time. This includes all lines in the city and includes departure times and notifications. With this application, you can enjoy a more comfortable journey.



The most used taxi application in Istanbul. The application promises you a taxi in 3 minutes. You can rate the taxi you take in the application. You will only get drivers with a rating above 4.5. You can enter the place you want to go into the application, so you don’t have to worry about directions and you can see the price you have to pay. You can make your payment by cash or credit card.

The Weather Channel


It is one of the best weather applications for instant weather information and alerts in Istanbul. You can access information such as hourly weather, 10-day weather, weekend weather, UV index, wind speed and direction, pollen warning, allergy conditions. You can also view air pollution information.



You can use the bring application for all your needs in Istanbul. You can shop for groceries, order food, get water, call a taxi, and look for an employee with the Bring application. And for all this, you can get various discounts. You can make your payments by cash or credit card.



Trendyol application also provides similar services with fetch. You can do general shopping at Trendyol and the products will come to you by cargo, but you can do grocery shopping and order food by using the Trendyol Go section within the application. Your purchases from this section will be delivered to you instantly by courier.



With letgo, you can buy and sell second-hand products. If you have more stuff, buy it, if you need something, buy it. Delivery with secure payment and courier is available. It is a good application for you to sell your items easily.



The locker app is a similar app to letgo. You can buy and sell second-hand items under the guarantee of Trendyol. Your earnings will be credited to your account on the same day of the week. There are more than 50 million products in over 400 categories.