How to order food online in Istanbul?

You don't have to go to your favorite restaurants in Istanbul to enjoy their meals. All this coming home!

As the hunger pangs finish you off, we’ve explored everything you need to know about ordering food in Istanbul.

How to order food in Istanbul? It’s a very urgent question. There are more and more evenings when the thought of crossing the street to the nearest restaurant seems overwhelming.

Getting food delivered to the home, office or hotel room is definitely a treat. Some evenings, there is nothing that will make you feel most comfortable and happy in the best possible way, like having the perfect meal delivered to your door.

There are two main ways to order food in Istanbul: using one of the main food ordering apps or finding a restaurant that will deliver it directly to you.

Especially if you are very attached to one place, you can check if they have their own distribution system. Usually this will allow the restaurant to charge slightly more reasonable prices.

Trendyol Yemek

Delivery: 5/5 Customer support: 5/5 Discounts: 4/5


Orange, this is Trendyol Go! In my opinion, Trendyol Go is the best all round service for ordering food in Istanbul. They have a large selection of restaurants. Therefore, whatever you want, Trendyol Food will probably be able to offer you something.

Also, the app is clean, the tracking system is easy to use and very clear, and there are enough filters to find exactly what you want.

There are 18 basic cuisine options at the top of the application: breakfast, patisserie & bakery, burger, toast & sandwich, dessert, doner kebab, pizza, pita & lahmacun, street delicacies, world cuisine & cafe, kebab, meatballs, home cooking, coffee & beverage, ravioli & pasta, chicken, ice cream; you get the idea. But that’s not the only filtering system: At the top are campaigns and at the bottom are favorites.

They’ll show you what your active order is near the top of the page. So you can track your active order. You can also access your past orders from the My Orders tab in the menu. This helps if you’re a creature of habit like me. There are also featured restaurants and daily deals with free delivery or a percentage discount on your order.

Trendyol Go couriers usually make their deliveries free of charge. This means that the food will reach you in 30 minutes at the most. If you have a problem, the customer support system stands by your side and prevents you from being a victim.


Delivery: 3/5 Customer support: 2/5 Discounts: 5/5


Honestly, this is my favorite app. It usually has good food options equivalent to what Trendyol Yemek has. They also often have special agreements with some restaurants and only deliver by bring couriers.

If you’re craving good, old-fashioned comfort food like burgers, pizza, Chinese takeout, or doner, then this is a good app. The app also has a clean design and is very easy to navigate. A great app if you want to discover new foods in your area.

At the top, you can see the restaurants recommended for you in the “What to eat” section. Right next to it is the section of “Regular” restaurants that offer a discount on 3 orders. Then there are the “My Orders” and “My Favorites” sections, respectively. Below you can see the filters and restaurants.


Delivery: 3/5 Customer support: 3/5 Discounts: 2/5


Unlike Trendyol Yemek ve Yemeksepeti, Yemeksepeti usually has slightly more expensive restaurants to choose from. Also, there are usually no special discounts. Like the other two apps, it has a great tracking system so you can monitor your approach to food and get excited appropriately.

The most important feature of Yemeksepeti is that it is the first application in its field. Yes, it is the first of the online food ordering applications, it was founded in 2001. However, it lost its popularity over time. It can still be preferred as an alternative.

The restaurant’s own food delivery system

Some well-known or perhaps only extremely independent restaurants have a delivery system where they deliver the meals themselves. This means they will pay their staff to make the delivery. You can order from them on their website or simply by calling.

Another option is the restaurants that advertise their meals on Trendyol Yemek / Bring Yemek / Yemeksepeti. When you select the dishes of this independent restaurant in one of the apps, the restaurant’s own courier will deliver it to your door, not the apps’ own courier.

Services popular in other countries such as Glovo, UberEatsh and Deliveroo are not available in Turkey.