Organising holidays on your own – these are things to bear in mind!

Although we can entrust the organisation of a holiday to a travel agency, many people choose to arrange it themselves. For many people, the organisation process itself is a real pleasure. It gives you a lot of freedom, from the choice of hotel to the attractions you intend to visit during your trip. So what should you bear in mind when organising your holiday? Check and don’t be unpleasantly surprised.

Holidays abroad – keep this in mind

When going on holiday abroad, the first thing you should check is what documents you need to cross the border. Sometimes it’s just an ID card, but in many cases a passport is needed. If you have the documents you need, you should also check their validity. You cannot even get on a plane with an invalid document. When travelling abroad, a valid document is a must. It is also worth having travel insurance. This may be an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or other private insurance. It is not worth not having insurance, because if you have an accident and are hospitalised, you could end up with a horrendous bill that most people are not able to pay. Going abroad without insurance is too much of a risk!

If you already know your arrival date, you can start booking your transportation and hotel. You can reach your destination by car, plane, bus or train. If you are travelling by car, for example to Austria, please note that in many European countries a vignette must be purchased and registered in order to enter expressways –, Travelling on expressways and motorways in many European countries may result in a fine. When travelling by plane, it is necessary to choose a place of departure, get to the airport, and go through security checks, and in order to do this, it is advisable to read the rules of the airline company before departure. In the case of train or bus, tickets can be booked in advance online through a simple and hassle-free process.

Planning the trip yourself – everything is in your hands

When setting about booking accommodation, use reliable and trusted websites. This way, we can be sure that the hotel we are going to, really exists and functions, which is not always the case. You can also read reviews from guests of the hotel who have visited the place before. We also need to take into account that in most cases the hotel must be paid in advance. We can pay extra for the option to cancel the booking. This is a very convenient option used by many travellers, especially those who book well in advance.

When organising a holiday on your own, we also have to organise the entire stay at a particular place. What is worth doing in this situation? For example, create a list of attractions to see and, if possible, buy tickets online to avoid standing in long queues at the ticket office. If food is not included in the price of accommodation, find out how far away a shop or a restaurant is from the hotel. It is also worth finding out which public transport is available in the place or where the nearest taxi rank is. When organising a holiday on your own, the organisation of the entire stay is up to you and you have to bear all the responsibility, but for many people this is the greatest part of the trip!