How to paint wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture used at home can become old and outdated over time. Wood painting would be a good choice to revive such items. In this way, furniture is renewed with a different touch without having to make expensive renovations.

When a new house is bought or decoration is started, it is acted as if it will be used for a lifetime. However, after a while, every purchased item starts to lose its charm as on the first day. In this case, the solution seems to be a new decoration, but with a little maintenance, the revival can be restored by changing the air of the house. Especially old or outdated furniture can make a great comeback with paint and maintenance applications.

Although it may seem like maintenance and painting on furniture requires mastery, a little care and attention will help solve this job. In this article, you can renew your furniture with the suggestions we give about furniture painting.

Maintenance and Preparation Before Painting

Painting the furniture is the last job. First of all, pre-maintenance preparation should be done. For this, if there are loose screws, they should be renewed and repaired broken or defective places should be provided. After all detachable parts of the furniture are removed and ready for painting, the parts to be painted should be wiped with soapy water and cleaned thoroughly. In this way, the dust on the furniture is cleaned and a smoother floor is prepared.

The Second Step is Thick Sandpaper

Sanding is optional in furniture. You can sand it or not if you want. However, if it is desired to have the previous texture, then it is recommended not to sand. When painting, it will be necessary to apply several layers of paint to achieve the desired saturation. However, the longer you apply the paint, the more likely it is to spill.

Furniture Painting

After the preparation phase, the painting process can be started. The better the material to be painted is known, the more difficult it will be during the painting process. When buying paint, the information on it must be read. When the right paint and primer is chosen, there is no reason why the desired result cannot be achieved.