Phaetons removed in Princes’ Islands

Istanbul’s Princes’ Islands (Adalar) has removed phaetons for electric vehicles. The electric vehicles to be used as public transportation on the islands, were put into service by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).

Adalar switched to a new transport system with electric cars after the removal of horse-drawn carriages by local authorities over criticism from animal rights activists. A significant number of Istanbulites and animal lovers are happy that electric vehicles are put into service after the banning of horse-drawn carriages, which were the only means of transportation.

Electric vehicle services that will provide transportation on the islands instead of horse-drawn carriages firstly started serving on Büyükada and Heybeliada.

The price list of the electric vehicles in Adalar

Adakart owners will pay TL 3.50 per journey to travel by electric vehicles. Those who do not have an Adakart and will use Istanbulkart, will pay a fee of 12 TL.

As for ADA TAXIS, the fare for residents of the island will be 5 TL for opening and 3.10 TL per kilometer. For tourists, the opening fee was set at TL 15 and the fee per kilometer was set at TL 12.

The electric vehicles, which can carry 13 passengers, can travel a range of 40 kilometers. The vehicles also have a 20-degree climbing angle when loaded. The fully charging time of the vehicles, which can make a maximum speed of 25 km/h, is about 9 hours.