How to know if you are pregnant without a test

Although during the first days it is difficult to know if you are pregnant or not until the egg has been implanted in the uterus, it can happen, in some women, that after 10 or 15 days you can begin to notice some changes, you just have to ‘listen’ to your body.

Women who are wanting to get pregnant can know from the first moments of pregnancy if this is the case in some cases. You will only have to pay attention to some of the signs or symptoms of your body and that can set off the alarms of a possible pregnancy. Although there is also a percentage of women who feel practically none of them and it is somewhat more difficult to know until you notice that your menstruation is late.

It is very likely that during the first two weeks there will be no type of sign that can attract attention, even if any of them appears, it could be confused with a symptom of premenstrual syndrome: tiredness, mood swings or lack of energy.

Are there any first few symptoms during pregnancy?

So that you can understand it, this is so because when the egg is fertilized by the sperm, it begins its descent through the fallopian tubes towards the uterus to begin to develop in it during the following months. The only thing that happens in your body at that moment is that the level of hormones and blood increases to prepare it for the new life that it will carry inside you.

When the egg has already implanted in the uterus, you may have what is known as implantation bleeding, which is a small brownish or pinkish bleeding. This is one of the first pregnancy symptoms that you can have.

The keys before the test: ‘Listen’ to your body

Although we have already commented that during the first days it is difficult to know if you are pregnant or not because the egg has not yet implanted in the uterus, after 10 or 15 days you can begin to notice some changes in your body that can make you suspect that you are pregnant, even without taking a test, which is the most effective. We leave you some of them:

  • By having an increase in blood, the heart has to beat more times per minute to achieve it. Therefore, it is normal that in the first few days you already notice a higher heart rate than you normally have.
  • There are some women who experience an increase in body temperature and there are even those who seem to have a cold.
  • The breasts are one of the first parts of the body in which you will notice the change, having greater sensitivity in them and the areolas will be darker.
  • You may also notice that you urinate more frequently than usual.
  • Nausea or vomiting may also be noticeable after these days and will last until the end of the first trimester in almost all cases.
  • Tiredness and sleep are other of the most frequent symptoms that occur in pregnant women appearing in the first days as well.
  • In addition to the above, you may have an aversion to certain foods, be more sensitive or irritable.

This is all due to the hormones that seem to not stop inside you. Once you take the pregnancy test that confirms that you are pregnant, go to the doctor to schedule appointments with the gynecologist and monitor you throughout the process.