How to prune a tree?

Towards March, trees need to be pruned. Especially municipalities engage in a feverish work. In our news, we have mentioned the important points to be considered while pruning trees in the spring. Tree pruning extends the life of trees, makes them look beautiful and increases their resistance to diseases. For this reason, pruning of trees is a very important and beneficial work.

Why and when should trees be pruned?

Pruning strengthens growth in woody plants such as trees. Pruning also makes the tree healthy, gives form, increases the quantity and quality of flowering and fruits. Unwanted branches on the plant are cut and removed in accordance with certain principles. The most suitable pruning period for Istanbul and its surroundings is between November and March.

Things to consider when pruning trees

According to the information we received from the teams of Kadikoy Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate, pruning of dry branches can be done in any season of the year. However, ‘green pruning’, which means pruning of live, living branches, is usually done in autumn or winter outside the vegetation (growth) period, depending on the plant species.

Trimming of deciduous plant species: Generally, it is the removal of branches that are dry, broken, injured or abnormally developed. As with all plants, pruning of deciduous shrubs and shrubs in the first years following planting is only pruning unwanted and dried branches. Maintenance pruning in coniferous species is only in the form of removal of dried, broken, damaged branches.

Types of pruning

Maintenance Pruning: These are the prunings made for the healthy development of the plant. Maintenance prunes are also called “health prunes”. ‘Maintenance pruning’ in coniferous species is only the removal of dried, broken, damaged branches.

Shaping Pruning: It is the shape or form pruning for the plant to gain a good appearance, that is, to increase the landscape value.

Pruning for security purposes: Trees that grow outside their natural habitats, which are open to all kinds of natural events (wind, storm, snow, etc.), may endanger the safety of life and property. Pruning is done for safety purposes if any branch from the tree may fall and cause injury and material damage, and if the branches block the view of pedestrians and vehicles.