Quartz Worktop Trends: Contemporary Styles for Your Home

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom makeovers or renovations, there are quite a number of options you can explore, and one such idea is taking advantage of quartz worktops.

Over the years, different worktop trends have swept people off their feet because of their unique approach to transforming your space. Speaking of unique transformations, FM Marble offers astonishing quartz worktops Surrey residents can rely on for the perfect aesthetic appeal.

Thanks to their versatility and durability, quartz has become a household name when it comes to kitchen and bathroom transformation.

In this article, we’ll reveal the latest trends in quartz worktops you can hop on to elevate the aesthetics of your home.

You would probably be asking yourself, why Quartz?

Before we dive into quartz worktop trends and contemporary styles you can choose for your home; it will help a lot if we take time to understand the secret behind quartz as a worktop material.

Why is it causing so much buzz, and why is everyone opting for it?

  • Durability

Top on the list is durability. Quartz has been described as the superhero of worktop materials. It is proven to have impressive resistance to scratch and stain. And it can withstand the beating from everyday wear and tear of a bustling kitchen with ease.

  • Low Maintenance

Next is maintenance. While we love to make the most of our worktops, cleaning them can be quite daunting. If you are not a fan of scrubbing and wiping, quartz offers you the benefits of low maintenance. Unlike their counterparts, they are not high maintenance, and NO, they don’t demand constant attention.

Quartz is incredibly easy to clean, making it a practical choice for any household.

  • Versatility

Then there is versatility. As you can imagine, quartz comes in various colours, patterns, and finishes. This makes it easy to match any style or aesthetic.

Now that we have touched on the the properties of quartz that make them stand out, let us proceed to the top four (4) trendy styles that will make your home shine.

4 Fantastic Ways to Style Your Home with Quartz Worktops

  1. Marble Magic

Imagine having a fancy marble-style kitchen without emptying your piggy bank. Quartz worktops can make this dream come true! They give you that posh marble look without all the marble trouble.

Why it’s cool:

  • Costs less than real marble.
  • Super tough and easy to clean.
  • Makes your home look fancy-pants.
  1. Less is More

Guess what? Simple is awesome! The “minimalist monochromatic” look is all the rage. It’s like magic for your home. Pick solid-coloursed quartz worktops in white, gray, or black for a sleek and modern vibe.

Why it’s awesome:

  • Timeless and neat.
  • Makes small kitchens feel big.
  • Goes great with any decor.
  1. Go Big and Bold

Do you love to make jaws drop? Try bold and veiny quartz worktops. They come in wild patterns and dark shades, perfect for stealing the spotlight in your kitchen or bathroom.

Why it’s sizzling:

  • Makes a crazy cool impact.
  • Looks awesome with light cabinets.
  • For those who want their worktops to shine.
  1. Quartz for the Win, Backsplash Edition

Don’t stop at worktops! Be a design superstar and use quartz for your backsplash too! It looks stunning and keeps your walls clean. Plus, no grout hassles!

Why it’s hot:

  • Easy-peasy to clean.
  • Makes your kitchen look consistent.
  • No grout, no worries.

Remember, when you’re playing interior designer with quartz worktops, let your creativity run wild. Be you!

Quartz worktops are your ticket to a stylish and practical home. So, say goodbye to boring surfaces and hello to the wonderful world of quartz!