Questions to Ask Your Window Installer

Replacement is a major undertaking.

Make sure you know why it’s important to do so and what benefits will come from the new windows once they are installed.Installing replacement windows can provide your home with better insulation, keep out drafts and make the most of natural light. If you choose the wrong company to install your windows, you are likely to have problems sooner rather than later. To avoid this situation, ask these questions when interviewing window installation companies:

Do You Have Examples Of Past Work?

To avoid hiring an incompetent window contractor, look for someone who is willing to show you some examples of work they’ve done in the past. Finding a contractor who has done past projects similar to yours is a great way to figure out whether or not they can help you. Look at the results of their work and decide if it’s good enough for your home!

Who Will Be There During Installation?

A company may advertise itself as a successful and professional installation service, but are they really? The answer to that question can be determined by who is present at the time of installation. Before allowing anyone into your home for window work, always ask what their experience level is. For quality window installations, a representative from the manufacturer should always be on-site. If this person isn’t present to oversee and evaluate their work, you might end up with shoddy windows or ones made of inferior materials.

How Will You Protect My Home During Installation?

Just because the window installation process is a professional one doesn’t mean it can’t be done incorrectly. There should always be precautions in place to ensure that your floors, walls and other valuables aren’t damaged by workmen’s mistakes. You can also ask about warranties, as these can be used to compensate you in the event of an accident. If they fail to mention any precautions or warranties—or seem reluctant when asked—it may be a red flag! A good window installation company will address your concerns promptly