The best beaches in Istanbul

We don’t usually associate the south coast of Istanbul with beautiful beaches, but if you know where to look, you’ll find some unbeatable wonders. Those living in Istanbul do not need to wander in the Aegean or the Mediterranean for the bright sands.

The mega city is connected to some of Turkey’s best beaches, and all of our favorites are within a 1.5 hours drive. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun by swimming in the city where you live. Looking for a sunny getaway but can’t afford to go to the resorts? There are many gorgeous beaches within an hour and a half of Istanbul’s city centre, so grab your flip-flops and sunglasses for a day trip to one of these beauties. Don’t forget sunscreen though!

We will start from Şile, complete the Black Sea with Beykoz, Sariyer and Catalca, and then talk about some of the beaches we can recommend on the Marmara coast.

1. Agva Beaches

Most of us are aware of the Agva beaches of Şile. Agva’s sandy beaches slope gently into the water and are popular for sunbathing and swimming. One of the popular beaches here, in Camlik locality, the public beach is very popular.

You can reach Şile via the Alemdag Şile Road.

agva halk plaji

2. Bozgoca Beach

You can have a safer swimming experience in a more inland bay, close to Agva, in Şile. It gets good sun in the morning.


3. Imrenli Beach

A popular holiday destination of Şile is the surrounding of Imrenli. Imrenli Beach and Akçakese Akkaya Beach are very popular. Below you can see the photos in order.

imrenli plaj
akcakese plaji

4. Kabakoz Beach

Şile Kabakoz is home to an impressive beach. You will spend a very pleasant day enjoying the sun and sand at Kabakoz Beach.


5. Sile Beaches

We also took a quick look at other beaches in Şile. These beaches, close to the center of Şile and to the west coast, are closer to the center of Istanbul. Alacali Beach, Sofular Beach, Ayazma Beach, Aglayankaya Beach, Uzunkum Beach, Sahiljkoy Beach and Dogancili Beach are very popular. Below you can see the photos in order.

alacali plaji
sofular plaji
ayazma plaji
aglayankaya plaji
uzunkum plaji
dogancili plaj

6. Beykoz Beaches

We pass from Şile to Beykoz. There are several beautiful beaches in Beykoz. Two of the particularly popular beaches are on the Riva coast. Riva Elmasburnu Beach and Riva Fisheries Beach are waiting for you. Beykoz Poyraz Beach on the Bosphorus is uniquely beautiful.

You can go to Riva via the Northern Marmara Motorway or the Ring Road. Captain’s Tomb, Halis Bay, Riva Public Beach and Riva Elmasburnu Beach are very popular. Below you can see the photos in order.

kaptanin mezari
halis koy
riva plaji

7. Sariyer Beaches

There are wonderful beaches within the borders of Sariyer district on the Black Sea coast of the European Side. You can enjoy the sea and sand at these legendary beaches.

It would be quicker to take the Northern Marmara Motorway. But use the Ring Road to go cheaper. Take the D100 and cross to the European Side. Enter the ring road, take the road towards Sariyer via Buyukdere Caddesi. Gumuşdere Beach, Kilyos Beach, Demircikoy Uzunya Beach and Kisirkaya Beach are very popular. Below you can see the photos in order.

kilyos plaj
uzunya plaji

8. Catalca Beaches

To get away from the crowds and enjoy a quiet nature, the best beaches are in Catalca. You can also bring your food and have a picnic on the beach.

Karacakoy Ormanli Beach and Karacakoy Evcik Beach: You can go to Karacakoy by deviating from Kestanelik by using the old Istanbul – Kirklareli highway D020. The photos are below as well.

ormanli plaji
evcik plaji

Yalikoy Beach: You can reach Yalikoy after deviating from Kestanelik by using the old Istanbul – Kirklareli highway D020 and passing Karacakoy.

yalikoy plaj

Binkiliç Cilingoz Beach: You can use the old Istanbul – Kirklareli highway D020 to go from the beach from Kestanelik or continue on the D020 and enter the area at Binkiliç.

9. Princes’ Islands

Island beaches are still popular in Istanbul. There are many beautiful beaches in the Islands. While most are paid, it’s worth the money because they’re so close to the city.

Biyik Beach in Buyukada is at the southernmost point of the island. Viranbag Beach is in the south-west of the island. Halil Bay is in the west of the island. Nakibey Beach is on the east of the island.

There is also a beach on Sedef Island. Heybeliada has Degirmenburnu Beach, Burgazada has Camakya Beach, Burgazada Public Beach, and Kinaliada has Kinaliada Public Beach. Below are the photos for Viranbag Beach, Biyik Beach and Kinaliada Public Beach, respectively.

biyik plaj
kinaliada plaj

10. Istanbul Southern Beaches (Marmara Sea)

There are many beaches in Istanbul overlooking the Marmara Sea. Maybe you won’t enjoy it like the Black Sea coast and you’ll be dissatisfied with the crowd, but it’s ideal for a quick refreshment.

Some of those; Kadikoy Caddebostan Beach, Erenkoy Public Beach, Bakirkoy Yeşilkoy Beach, Florya Beach.

yesilkoy plaj
florya plaj