The psychology of exit rooms: how do they test your problem-solving skills?

Freewheeling games are the shortest route to a flow experience. A state of flow experience is when you are completely engaged in what you are doing. It is when the body is in action, mobilizing its mental energy reserves, which is accompanied by a feeling of happiness!

Escape room games with different themes are an experience based on flow theory. During the game time, you have the opportunity to completely relax and immerse yourself in the puzzles. Challenging activities, just like escape room games, transport you to a completely different world. We will be able to completely immerse ourselves in time, because the game is so intense and immersive. One thing’s for sure, a feeling of happiness will accompany us through the escape games.

The basis of flow theory

Flow is basically about the phenomenon of intense happiness. The flow theory is a psychological trend based on research. The theory refers to the phenomenon of losing the sense of space and time and becoming immersed in an activity that is challenging and pleasurable, and that gives you a feeling of happiness. But do we know whose name is associated with flow theory?

The creator of the flow theory

Hungarian-born Mihály Csíkszentmihályi had a dream to understand life, so he went to the University of Chicago to study psychology. In the course of his work, he discovered an extremely exciting field. He observed that painters behave as if they were in a trance while creating. When you’re that engaged, you can forget the real world. This feeling was later defined as flow. His research led him to the professorship, but he had to wait a long time for a breakthrough. In 1990, his book on flow was published and became hugely popular.

Flow and happiness

How one’s life turns out depends on many factors. According to Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the former depends on genes, culture and our own experiences. What we do with the opportunities that come our way and how we make use of them play a crucial role in our lives. The meaning of life is to find what brings us joy and fulfillment. It is about having fun and moving humanity forward. It is important that we find true happiness for ourselves.

Flow experience and the freeroll games

The key to experiencing flow is to surrender to what you are doing. We think of activities that are different from everyday routine tasks, such as outdoor games. These leisure activities are becoming increasingly popular as they are very easy to relax participants. Outing games are an experience of a lifetime and bring the team together. Escape rooms are known for their challenging puzzles and exciting locations. Try the best of escape room games with your friends, family or colleagues and get caught up in the bliss and magic – the flow!