How to treat acne caused by sweat?

Why do pimples appear due to sweat and how can we avoid them? It is a mild condition called miliaria and usually goes away on its own.

If you notice that in these extremely hot days like the ones we are experiencing, in which you sweat more than usual due to the high temperatures, pimples appear on your skin, you are not alone.

We are facing a fairly common problem, which perhaps is related to childhood. And it is that, if you have or have had a child nearby at that stage (especially before the age of two), it is possible that you have seen how he had this problem on his delicate skin. But it does not only affect the little ones.

Why does sweat acne occur?

This condition, which is called miliaria, is due to the obstruction of the sweat ducts, which leave the sweat ‘retained’ inside, producing the typical lesions. The most frequent symptoms with which it manifests itself:

The usual thing is that small papules (bumps) appear (1-3 mm), sometimes translucent or skin-colored and, in others, if there is some inflammation, red.

On rare occasions, a superinfection of these lesions can occur, which is why pus would appear and yellowish-white spots with reddish periphery would be seen.

Are there people at higher risk of presenting this issue?

It is more common in newborns, especially due to the immaturity of the sweat ducts, which still do not “know” how to work. However, it can occur in other conditions, such as in people living in hot and humid climates, in fact, this skin condition, also known as a rash, can occur in anyone who performs work or intense physical activity.

You can avoid it by wearing fabrics that allow adequate sweating. All of them can suffer from this problem on their skin. Therefore, the best way to prevent this is to use fabrics that breathe well, and if we do sports, do it in well-ventilated environments. In general, it should be noted that heat rash in adults occurs in certain areas, such as skin folds and where clothing rubs against it.

How to get rid of sweat acne?

The question you always ask yourself is how to act in case of acne breakouts when we sweat.

Generally, it is a self-healing rash, but methods can be used to cool the skin, such as applying cold moisturizing lotions.

It is also important not to resort to very oily creams, which can further clog pores and maintain good skin hygiene. It is a rash that usually goes away on its own.