Types Of Wood Flooring Suitable For Commercial Use

Wood flooring is popular with homeowners because it's easy to maintain and makes a room feel warm.

Solid hardwood floors can last for decades, as long as you treat them properly. Maple hardwood flooring brings elegance and charm to any house. In addition, modern and classic aesthetics are combined in this wood so that it is a popular choice for flooring—the pale color with fine grain makes it soft on the eyes.

Cork flooring: The best choice for noisy commercial spaces.

Because of its sound-dampening properties, cork can significantly reduce the volume of noise transmitted through floors and walls. Cork is an excellent material for reducing the noise created by footsteps through walls.

Acacia wood floors are ideal for high-traffic areas.

Acacia is a name commonly used for Asian walnut or wattle. If features a wide, modulating grain pattern and beautiful knots that make it hardier than maple but more susceptible to breakage than other woods like oak or pine.

Engineered wood flooring

Although engineered wood flooring has generated less buzz than solid wood, it is actually much more prevalent in the commercial market. Engineered wood flooring is popular for commercial spaces because of its durability. Here are some pros and cons to help you weigh your options if it’s something you’re considering installing

Engineered Wood Flooring For Commercial Purposes

Installation and maintenance are easier and cheaper.

Hardwood floor installation process of engineered wood flooring is much easier and less expensive than installing solid hardwood floors. For instance, installation is easy—just click the planks together. You don’t have to call in a contractor because you can do it yourself.

Moisture or water can damage it.

Two of the most frightening nightmares for wood flooring owners are water and moisture damage. Wood flooring, especially engineered wood flooring, can quickly be damaged by water and moisture.

No matter what type of wood you choose, installing it properly is a significant factor. So, it’s best to hire a commercial wood flooring company for optimal and efficient installation—that way your floors will last as long as possible!