What is CS2 Prime Status

CS2 Prime Account is a restrictive measure introduced by Valve in Counter-Strike 2 and aims to provide comfort in the game by avoiding players who make the game unpleasant and dishonest, since cheaters are not included in this group. So what is CS2 Prime Status Account and how to become Prime Status? Here we answer all your questions about the Prime Status Account.

What is CS2 Prime Status?

What are the benefits of having Prime Account status in CS2? Prime status users are matched only with other Prime status users in all game modes. Premium Account users also earn EXP and competitive skill pools and are eligible to receive weekly items.

The main reason to buy Prime is to stay away from all the players who use cheats and traps in the games you play. Of course people will continue to cheat within Prime, but it won’t happen as frequently as in non-Prime regions. You’ll also be grouped with better players, as people who pay to play the game are generally more interested in it.

How to become a CS2 Prime Status?

Previously, to become a Prime Status account, it was enough to reach level 21 in the game and connect your smartphone to Steam. However, this changed with CS: GO becoming free in December 2018. The new Prime Status system, which includes those who have previously purchased the game, has been introduced. Now, to become Prime Status, it is sufficient to purchase a one-time Prime Status Account package.

To purchase a Prime Status Account, find CS2’s store page in the Steam client. Just below the screenshots you will find the link that will allow you to get a Prime Status Account.


With the renewal of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game as CS2, the rights of those who had Prime Accounts in the past were protected. Is the CS2 Prime account permanent or temporary? For the CS2 premium account, you only need to pay in one lump sum. You have to pay to get a Premium Account in CS2.