The best barbecue places in Istanbul

Summer is literally the time to have a barbecue! There’s nothing better than grabbing the grill and lighting the fire, a few skewers of meat and vegetables, and kick-start your barbecue season with some friends! There are many public places to barbecue in Istanbul or other opportunities for delicious barbecue.

Fatih Forest

fatih ormani mangal

Fatih Forest is a center of attraction for all barbecue enthusiasts in the warmer months. You can barbecue in groups scattered over large meadows. The smell of the current grilled meat fills the air. You can easily spend the whole day in the forest, many people meet there to play sports.

In Fatih Forest, you can make your own barbecue as well as the places where food is sold. You can use the street between Maslak Buyukdere and Sariyer to reach Fatih Forest. Another entrance is in Sisli Ayazaga section.

Tayakadin Promenade

tayakadin mesire yeri mangal

It is one of the best barbecue places on the European side with its green, well-kept and quality. You can have a barbecue at Tayakadin picnic area with your family and friends. Group excursions can also be arranged for a great day out.

In terms of transportation, after passing Arnavutkoy, you can reach it via Fatih Caddesi.

Belgrad Forest

belgrad ormani

The reason why this area is called Belgrade is called Belgrad Village because the Ottomans placed their captives here during the Serbian campaign. Over time, the forest here is also known as the Belgrad Forest. Belgrad Forest is also one of the best places to barbecue.

You will find many signs that will direct you to the Belgrad forests. You can reach by Levent and Maslak.

Çatalca Incegiz Promenade

incegiz piknik

Here you will find both historical caves and barbecue areas around the wonderful river. You will be able to have your picnic comfortably at the promenade in the restaurant and cafe.

It can be easily reached after turning left at the 3rd kilometer of the asphalt road from Çatalca to Subasi and after a distance of approximately 6 kilometers.

Balaban Picnic Area

balaban piknik alani

One of the most beautiful picnic places is Balaban. Located between Terkos Lake and the forest, this location is like a paradise. You can fish from the lake and have a barbecue.

It is located in the north-west of the city and you have to take the TEM road in the direction of Edirne.

Terkos (Durusu)


The area around Terkos Lake is one of the best places to have a barbecue. Spend a weekend in Durusu Village next to the lake.

For transportation, you need to proceed in the Edirne direction of the TEM highway.

Gokturk Promenade

gokturk mesire

Gokturk Pond is one of the important attractions of the environment. The dam lake, under the control of ISKI, is suitable for resting, walking and barbecue activities as well as its visual richness.

It is very close to the Gokturk center, which can be reached via Hasdal-Kemerburgaz, and is on the right at the beginning of the Ihsaniye road.

Cilingoz Promenade


There are wonderful barbecue places in Çilingoz, which you can go through the Çatalca road. Whether you throw yourself on the hot beach or relax under the trees.

After turning right at the exit of Binkilic Town on the Çatalca-Saray road, you can use the 17-kilometer forest road. It can be reached from Ormanli, Karacakoy and 11 villages following the northern part of Terkos.

Buyukcekmece Lake

buyukcekmece golu piknik

It is possible to enjoy both the sea and the lake. Very beautiful recreation areas by the lake are waiting for you for barbecue.

You can reach Yenibosna on the E-5, after passing Avcilar, when you go straight. There are also many public transportation vehicles that go to this area. The best thing to do when the weather gets warmer is to enjoy a barbecue with family or friends.

Kilyos Public Beach

kilyos piknik

Here, whoever wants a barbecue, can go into the sea As a result, stress and fatigue are relieved in Kilyos. You have two main alternatives to reach Kilyos, either via Sariyer or you need to use the Bahcekoy pass in the direction of Maslak.

Tasdelen Promenade

tasdelen mesire

Tasdelen Recreation Area in Çekmekoy is a recreation area where you can go as a family and have fun. As there are private minibuses going here, you can easily reach this place by using the ring road with your private vehicle.

Avci Koru


Avci Koru is an amazing barbecue place. From Uskudar direction, 5 km from Uskudar-Sile TEM Highway from Ömerli locality. then 10 km from the direction of Sile. Then there is the entrance to the highway.

Yakacik Aydos Mountain

aydos ormani

The skirts of Yakacik Aydos Mountain, the highest mountain of Istanbul, are ideal for barbecue.

It can be easily reached from Kartal-Yakacik and Sultanbeyli directions via E-5 and TEM connections. It can also be used in public transport.


buyukada mangal
Image license: Kartal 24

There are ideal places to enjoy barbecue in the place where green and blue embrace. There are plenty of options on Buyukada, where you can both swim and have a barbecue. Those who wish can have a barbecue, and those who wish can try different food and beverage options. Even a walk to Aya Yorgi in Buyukada can give you a holiday atmosphere.

It falls on the left side of Buyukada Pier, which you will reach after the ferry journey. Renting a carriage or a bicycle will make it easier for you.

Mihrabad Promenade

mihrabad mesire

The place above Kanlica fascinates with its nature. Barbecuing here is one of the best pleasures in the world.

Mihrabad Recreation Area can be entered from the coast (Kanlica direction), as well as from the TEM connection road Kavacik Tekke location.

Polonezkoy Promenade

polonezkoy piknik

Polonezkoy is a famous Polak village, formerly Adampol, located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul. Thanks to its transportation facilities, geographical location and beautiful landscapes, Polonezkoy has transformed from an agricultural village to a holiday village. Polonezkoy fascinates those who come to it with a thousand and one species of trees and plants. The camping areas in the region are ideal for weekends. You can also tour Polonezkoy by bicycle, where you can go to relax.

After departing from the European side of Istanbul and crossing the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, take the Kavacik turn for 1 km past the Kavacik locality. then turn left and then turn right from the Acarlar site to reach Polonezkoy by following the signs.

Degirmenburnu Public Beach


Degirmenburnu in Heybeliada is a nice place for barbecue. You can reach Heybeliada by city line ferry or private boats. You can reach Degirmenburnu via the right road from the pier.

Agva Public Beach

agva halk plaji

Agva is a place where you can enjoy the sea, barbecue and picnic on a summer day. Those who are bored with the picnic or the sea environment can also take a trip with a pedalo. This excursion often feels like lost in a magical place. There are also places created for barbecue in Agva.

Follow the Umraniye-Sile road. After Sile, follow the Kabakoz, Imrenli, Akcakese and Kurfalli route by using the coastal road to Agva. You can reach Agva in a total of one and a half hours.