Where is the center of Istanbul?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where is the center of Istanbul?” Did you ask? So what comes to mind when faced with such a question? Where is the center of Istanbul really? Is it the middle point of Istanbul? Or is it just the governor’s office or the town hall? Or the middle point of the Bosphorus Bridge? Let’s now discuss where the center of Istanbul could be.

What is the city centre?

The city center is usually the historical, cultural, commercial, geographical and political heart of that city. In many cities, commercial areas and the city’s administrative centers are located in the city center. However, the term city center is not always so simple, in some cities it may be a historical place or just the city’s administrative center.

City centers are the areas of the city where shopping and social activities are most intense. In some cities, the city center is called ‘bazaar’ among the people, while in some cities the governor’s office or a square is taken as the city center. However, there is no such concept in Istanbul.

Where is the city center of Istanbul?

Each district in Istanbul has its own bazaar and densely populated areas. Every district and even every neighborhood has its own center. For example, in Kartal, the city center is Ankara Street and the surrounding bazaar area. However, there is another district center in Orhantepe Neighborhood, known as ‘Tamirane’ in Kartal. Also, Atatürk Street in Kartal Soğanlık is the center of the district.

As you can see, Istanbul does not have a single center, let alone talking about a center. Still, there are some places in Istanbul that we can say as the center.

  • The historical center of Istanbul: Eminonu, Fatih
  • Istanbul’s financial center: Istanbul Finance Center, Atasehir
  • The commercial center of Istanbul: Eminonu, Fatih
  • The midpoint of Istanbul: Fatih Şehzade Mosque
  • Istanbul’s highest point: Yakacik, Kartal
  • The most crowded place on the European side: Eminonu, Fatih
  • Administrative center (municipality) of Istanbul: Sarachane, Fatih
  • Administrative center of Istanbul (governorship): Hoca Pasa, Fatih
  • The most popular district of the Anatolian side: Kadıkoy
  • European Side event center: Yenikapı Etkinlik Alani, Yenikapı
  • Anatolian Side event center: Maltepe Etkinlik Alani, Maltepe