Different types of VR headsets

Virtual reality is something that has been around for a long time, however, this technology is now more advanced than ever. Therefore, now may be a good time to get virtual reality glasses. So if you have doubts about the types of virtual reality glasses that exist and which ones are best suited to what you need, here is this complete guide that will help you.

What are Virtual Reality glasses for? It must be said that up to now we have assumed that virtual reality glasses are especially useful for gaming, for leisure. In other words, to take video games to another level and achieve new, more immersive and real experiences. However, virtual reality has gone a step further and can also be applied to other very interesting fields.

One of the burgeoning applications is in the field of health, whether it is helping medical or surgical students with virtual environments for them to practice, to psychological treatment to expose patients to the things that scare them and overcome phobias, going through other exposure therapies. many museums and art galleries already use virtual or mixed reality to offer more didactic content to attendees, such as virtual guided tours, explanations, and to recreate what certain temples, buildings or cities were like in the past. In addition, all this also has an application in education to learn history from the first person.

When describing what are the best-selling types of virtual reality glasses, you have to consider several factors to catalog them. Here are the most important types that you should know to know which one you are looking for.


VR headsets for game consoles

One of the types of existing virtual reality glasses are those that are specially designed for game consoles. These helmets or glasses have connections for an external processor, as is the case with PlayStation VR, which work with the PlayStation’s own processor. These Sony glasses have a handicap, and that is that the connection cables prevent freedom of movement and ease of use.

Virtual reality glasses for consoles use the console’s own hardware to generate the content that you can view. In addition, they incorporate a series of sensors and actuators that work together to detect the position, orientation of the head, etc. Everything to allow the user to experience a more immersive experience, as if they were really inside the video game, as well as having immersive 3D sounds.

For handling, these glasses usually have controls to make precise movements and use different functions in the video game. For example, picking up objects, shooting weapons, etc. I would like to add that the Sony PlayStation VR has a very good reputation, and an extensive catalog of video games available. A pity that Microsoft has abandoned virtual reality and still does not have its own for Xbox…

VR headsets for PC

On the other hand, we have another of the most popular types of virtual reality glasses, such as those for the PC. These types of glasses are the most powerful that currently exist, and allow the use of high-performance hardware from gaming equipment or with advanced configurations to obtain the best user experience.

For these virtual reality glasses to be compatible with your PC, you need to take a good look at the requirements that each one on the market needs. If so, you will be able to enjoy one of the most powerful equipment and with highly realistic images for an incomparable gaming experience.

In the marking there are some examples of this type of virtual reality glasses for PC, such as the famous Oculus Rift, HP Reverb, etc. However, it must be taken into account that in some users it can cause discomfort and a feeling of dizziness with them when you are not used to it. To avoid this, take breaks from time to time to return to the real world.

Like video console glasses, they need cables to connect with the PC, so some movements are limited to the extension of the cables. And, like the previous ones, they also have a series of sensors and controls to control everything that is needed and give you the best experience.

vr headset

Autonomous VR glasses

The next of the types of virtual reality glasses are those known as autonomous, that is, they do not need cables connected to any game console, PC or mobile device, the internal hardware they have is enough to work. They work through a battery that gives them autonomy and a revolutionary internal hardware to offer everything you need and to be able to enjoy virtual reality wherever you go, thanks to its powerful integrated processor.

They also have sensors and controls like the previous two, so that everything is perfect in terms of handling the video game and the experience. The controls of these are also wireless, connected to the helmet or glasses using WiFi or Bluetooth technology. In addition, you have several options to buy, such as the Oculus Go, Meta Quest 2, PICO 4, etc.

Mixed reality glasses

On the other hand, there are virtual reality glasses that are combined with augmented reality and that provide what is known as mixed reality. That is, a reality that mixes virtual objects and the real world in the same environment. To do this, the user can interact within a real plane, such as a room, and also have virtual objects at the same time.

The good thing about mixed reality is that it is fully interactive and makes it possible to highlight what we want. It can be used to insert animated characters into the real environment, such as your room and be able to interact with them as if they were really there, or have them interact with objects in your room, etc. That is, it is a much richer content. And, in these cases, a PC is also usually needed to provide the necessary hardware power, as is the case with the HTC Vive.

Mobile VR glasses

Finally, we have another of the cheapest types of virtual reality glasses. These mobile glasses are cheap, since they do not usually integrate any hardware, they are basically just a casing and structure to be able to insert your smartphone inside them so that you can access the apps and video games available for your mobile platform. In addition, they incorporate lenses that usually make the 3D effect possible, although what you are really looking at is the screen of your mobile.

In app stores like Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad, you have a large number of apps of all kinds and also video games to enjoy this experience. Although, unlike the previous ones, don’t expect the same level of realism and immersion… When buying this type of virtual reality glasses you must take compatibility into account, since not all mobile devices are compatible, in many cases it will depend on the size.