Teeth whitening methods: why choose Philips WhiteSpeed ​​lamps?

A beautiful, radiant smile gives self-confidence and beautifies a person. But even daily brushing of teeth will not give the full effect; various drinks and foods leave plaque, and teeth become yellow. In this case, it will only help teeth whitening in a professional clinic. A specialist will help you choose a method depending on the condition of the oral cavity. Today there are many options, they differ from each other in the principle of operation, but they are more popular than permanent use of a bleach lamp.

Popular teeth whitening methods

Almost anyone can undergo the whitening procedure. But depending on the presence of fillings and diseases in the oral cavity, you need to choose the right method. Today the following are considered popular:

  1. Mechanical or deep cleansing. It involves removing plaque and comprehensive cleaning of each tooth. It is better to use it rarely, there is a risk of damage to the enamel.
  2. Dry cleaning using special liquid products with a bleaching effect. Suitable only in cases where there are no fillings or implants.
  3. Laser cleaning. It is done only in a professional clinic. The laser manages to increase the whiteness of teeth by 2-3 shades in one session.
  4. Whitening with halogen light. The most expensive method, but very effective. In this case a bleach lamp is used. The newest, but already popular method that allows you to return the beauty and natural color to your smile.

Doctors do not recommend saving on this procedure. It is better to choose a method that will be less traumatic for the teeth. Professional clinics use sensitive lamps Philips Zoom, which guarantee high results. And if you choose the right one, hack Philips Zoom Lamp, then you can bypass all restrictions and use the device much longer.

Benefits of the Philips WhiteSpeed ​​lamp

In an office setting, gentle whitening is carried out in several stages using an LED lamp. The main thing is to choose a reliable lamp, such as Philips zoom whitespeed. The device has been tested many times and has proven its effectiveness. Research results showed that the efficiency is more than 95%. It is possible to restore a snow-white smile in just a few sessions. The cost of the procedure depends on the type of equipment and how much it adapted to work. If you hack the limitation of the bleach lamp, then it can be used endlessly.

The main advantages of the Philips WhiteSpeed ​​model:

  • complete safety of the process: even if you go through several stages, the enamel is not injured;
  • There is an individual approach, you can choose an intensity mode from light to powerful, the following positions apply: zoom discus, zoom 3 и zoom 4;
  • the procedure is as comfortable as possible, more than 90% of clients claim that they did not feel anything during and after whitening;
  • the full result can be obtained after the first procedure, the effect will be maximum in the shortest possible time, the color will improve by 6-8 tones;
  • The effect can be maintained for a long time, because a special technique is used photobleaching.

Companies that use modern LED cleaning lamps are trying to increase their lifespan. For this you need bleach-infiniter chip, which is an innovative development that overcomes limitations. If you remove them correctly (crack the limit of the bleaching lamp), the device will work for a long time, and this allows you to increase the number of clients served.

What patients say about Philips WhiteSpeed ​​whitening

If the clinic uses an endless whitening chip, the cost of such a procedure will be reduced. This benefits both patients and owners. Clients who have already tried the procedure note that the session lasts only 45 minutes, and during this time you can get the maximum effect.

The procedure is carried out in three sessions. After the procedure, sensitivity increases, but after 1-2 days it goes away. It is important to note that using a chip that removes the limitations of the whitening lamp, does not affect the efficiency of the device. Therefore, it is completely invisible to clients.