House of the Dragon book summary

For those wondering which book is House of the Dragon, the book “House of the Dragon” is the book released under the name “Fire & Blood”. The co-author of the book is George R. R. Martin. So what does the House of the Dragon book summary say? Read on for more.

House of the Dragon book


House of the Dragon is based on material from Martin’s book Fire & Blood. In particular, the events in the series cover one third of the book.

  • House of the Dragon book name: Fire & Blood
  • Author: George R. R. Martin

House of the Dragon book summary

Fire and Blood chronicles the 150 years since this dynasty took control of the Seven Kingdoms. Despite the care and detail with which Martin covers all the material, two stories also stand out from the rest in terms of the number of pages they cover.

Martin once again dazzles with his mastery of storytelling, as in A Song of Ice and Fire. The author manages to impress the reader with a high-quality epic fantasy in this intense novel, which includes hundreds of different characters that change from time to time. Moreover, Fire and Blood appears to be a history book written centuries after the events described. In this way, George RR Martin uses different sources to advance the story.

The use of dragons by the Targaryen family and the fear they instill in them gives them an almost divine power, and this power is met with a lot of resistance that Martin knows how to accommodate. The book is still the story of a monarchy with its ups and downs, a game of thrones. Therefore, fans of palace troubles will be able to enjoy the betrayals and loyalties that occur in the capital, King’s Landing. However, the fact that dragons take an active role and fight among themselves will delight fans of fantasy literature.

The novel actually consists of a series of stories from one period to the next, connected by the blood of the characters. Without time jumps, Martin talks about great deeds in almost every year of the 150 years he covers, as well as more mundane things that he managed to influence the course of events.

In short, Fire and Blood is a great story that aims to expand the universe popularized by the Game of Thrones series. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the original saga, this novel stands on its own and is fully capable of being independent of A Song of Ice and Fire. The thematic unity is obvious, but Martin gives his characters a charisma and personality that attracts the reader more than anything else.