The best Japanese BL dramas and movies

For BL fans, there are some good Japanese BL dramas around to watch. Boys Love TV series, which are very common in Far Asia, are also especially popular in Japan. Here we have listed the best Japanese BL series.

BL series are watched a lot in Japan, and we have brought together some beautiful Japanese BL series for you here. You can comprehensively see the best Japanese Boys Love series among Japanese BL series in a single list on this page. Thus, you can easily choose the best Japanese BL series you want to watch.

Tokyo is in April…


Returning to Tokyo from America, Kazuma reunites with his close friend from middle school, Ren, who is the best designer of the company he has just started working for. This is their first meeting since their sudden farewell in their third year of middle school 10 years ago. Ren was him best friend and first love. Strong and handsome as always… Kazuma is also happy to be with him. However, Ren rather unnaturally avoids the topic they had in middle school and acts like a friendly old classmate… However, he acts this way because he is gay and above all else he is afraid of being rejected by Kazuma.

My Personal Weatherman


Segasaki, the popular handsome man and weather forecaster, is a bully at home. Yoh is a manga artist and he knows it very well. This is because the two live together. More importantly, he cooks and cleans for Segasaki! It’s no surprise that he has to “obey everything Segasaki says” in exchange for providing food. What comes from such a contract?

The End Of The World With You


The whole world is plunged into chaos with the news that in just ten days a huge meteorite will hit the Earth and possibly destroy all humans. This terrible news shocks a young man, Masumi Nishina. However, he soon makes peace with his fate and while waiting for the end of the world, he decides to return to the university library, where he intends to read in a quiet environment. But this decision turns out to be a big mistake. Here he reunites with the man who brutally broke him heart: Ritsu Kusakabe. Masumi Nishina had hoped that he would never have to see Ritsu Kusakabe again. But just days away from the end of the world, they begin to wonder if they should rekindle their love and fill it with passion for the rest of their lives.

Eien no Kinou


Koichi is cheerful and popular in class. Mitsuru is talented and not good at socializing. Two high school students are very attracted to each other because of their opposite personalities. But one morning, Koichi was hit by a truck in front of Mitsuru. Koichi stood up on the spot and smiled as usual, and although he was indeed “alive”, his classmates gradually began to forget about Koichi’s existence.

Utsukushii Kare


Seventeen-year-old Hira, who is at the bottom of the class, tries to remain invisible at school, never wanting to open his mouth and expose his stuttering speech to his classmates. He views the world through his camera lens, detached, until one day Kiyoi Sou walks through the classroom door. The impact is instantaneous. Hira finds himself pulled into Kiyoi’s gravity, following him everywhere and attending to his every need. Popularity comes easily to beautiful Kiyoi, always surrounded by his classmates. He uses his status to get what he wants, ordering around the boy who stares at him with his big eyes, and seems to worship him like a god. Hira contents himself to merely exist within Kiyoi’s orbit, asking for nothing in return…

Jack o’ Frost


It follows the story of illustrator Okusawa Ritsu and merchant Ikegami Fumiya. They met in an old cafe and eventually fell in love with each other and lived happily together. However, a misunderstanding gradually arises between the free-living Ritsu and the affected Fumiya. After a fight one winter day, Ritsu leaves the house and is involved in an accident and loses consciousness. After waking up, Ritsu had only lost Fumiya’s memory. Fumiya, who wants to start their relationship from scratch, hides the fact that he is dating Ritsu and continues their joint life. However, Ritsu asks him to take him to a familiar place to regain his memory. Fumiya is reluctant, but the two embark on a “journey” to follow the course of their relationship.

More than Words


The story revolves around two best friends, Mieko and Makio, who work a part-time job. At their new job, they meet Eiji, a college student who eventually falls in love with Makio. Despite the fact that everyone around them is against this relationship, Mieko decides to keep an eye on them as they grow up and their bonds and relationships slowly change.

Kieta Hatsukoi


Aoki has a crush on Hashimoto, the girl in the seat next to him in class. But he despairs when he borrows him eraser and sees he’s written the name of another boy—Ida—on it. To make matters more confusing, Ida sees Aoki holding that very eraser and thinks Aoki has a crush on him!

Old Fashion Cupcake


Sleep, wake, and work — sums up the day-to-day life of 39-year old, Nozue. A routine that eases him, and conversely weighs heavily on him — which worries the hard-eyed but reliable Togawa, a 29-year old subordinate of his. In an unexpected turn of events, the two of them end up visiting a pancake shop bustling with girls.

Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei ni Kokuru


Jun is an 18-year-old high school student. He hides the fact that he is gay from his mother and other people. Miura-san is a classmate of Jun. He likes reading books about BL (genre depicting homoerotic stories). Jun tells Miura-san that BL is just fantasy and that gayness in real life is dirty. Miura-san tells Jun that his remark is offensive to gay people. Nevertheless, Jun and Miura-san become close. Jun becomes interested in Miura-san, and Miura-san begins to have feelings for Jun. One day, Miura-san tells Jun that he likes him.

Kimi no Koto Dake Mite Itai


Childhood friends Nagase Yuma and Asakura Sakura have been together through elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Sakura has always felt something for Yuma that he could never say to him. In their final summer of high school, Sakura confesses his feelings to Yuma and kisses him.

Fukou-kun wa Kiss Suru Shikanai!


Fukuhara Kouta is a college student who has bad luck that causes problems everywhere he goes. One day, he runs into Shinomiya Naoya, a fellow student with the opposite problem – super good luck. Shinomiya decides to help him out. Now, in order to divide the luck between them, they need to be with each other all the time.

Senpai, Danjite Koidewa!


Yanase has worked as a 3D CG designer all across the world. Now back in Japan, Yanase is training a newbie by the name of Kaneda Yuki. There’s only one issue: Kaneda is super unfriendly towards Yanase, leaving Yanase frustrated and disappointed. With a new project where they will have to work side by side, how can these two overcome their different personalities?

Minato Shouji Coin Laundry


“I want to grow up faster so I can date Minato-san.” Minato Akira inherited his grandfather’s coin laundry. And so, he peacefully ran his much-loved laundry. One day, high school student Katsuki Shintaro walks into the coin-operated laundry. Despite the age difference, they quickly became friends. However, Shintaro suddenly learns that Akira is gay.

Takara-kun to Amagi-kun


Takara Shun, a high school student who is part of a popular group in the class, and Taichi Amagi, a naive boy who is not the standout type but loved by people, realize their love for each other. It’s hard to be honest even though they’re starting to date secretly.

A Man Who Defies the World of BL


It suddenly dawns on Mob that he lives in a BL world! He likes girls, so he must turn down any hot guys who approach him. But since it is their world, there’s just no escaping the public displays of affection around every corner.

Life~Love on the Line


One day after school, the serious Ito and the child-like Nishi meet by chance, as each endeavors to remain walking on the sidewalk`s white line. As time goes by, Ito recognizes he is drawn to Nishi in a way that is new to him. Nishi, for his part, is frustrated that they only get to meet on the sidewalk. Ito decides to act upon his feelings and kisses a surprised Nishi, who agrees they need to walk side by side for a change. The sparks between them are undeniable as their relationship blossoms in high school, survives the college years, and matures into adulthood. A deeply moving work that bears witness to loving partners, whose unchanging feelings must co-exist within a world of changing realities.

Pornographer: Playback


The last installment in the Pornographer franchise, it tells what happens with Kijima and Kuzumi when they enroll in a long distance relationship. The names of the 3 series in the series are: Pornographer – Spring Life (2021), Mood Indigo (2019), The Novelist (2018).

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window


Shy bookstore clerk Kosuke Mikado has the ability to see ghosts and spirits, an ability he wishes he didn’t have, since what he sees usually terrifies him. Rihito Hiyakawa, an exorcist whose supernatural powers are as strong as his social graces are weak, doesn’t seem to fear anything, mortal or otherwise. When this odd couple gets together to solve the bizarre cases that come their way, their work methods may not be entirely safe for work.

HIS – I Didn’t Think I Would Fall In Love


Nagisa is 17 years old and is in his second year of high school. He is apart from his parents and lives alone in the seaside town of Fujisawa in Kanagawa. He is passionate about surfing and works at a bathhouse in a hostel on the island Enoshima linked to Fujisawa. Shun is the same age as Nagisa and visits Fujisawa for spring break. They meet and develop a relationship more than friendship. However, the surfing equipment store owner’s daughter Chika has been secretly in love with Nagisa.

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese


Otomo Kyoichi works at an advertising company. He has an indecisive personality. Even though he is married, he repeatedly has affairs. One day, a man appears in front of Kyoichi. The man is Imagase Wataru. Wataru graduated from the same university as Kyoichi. It’s the first time they have met since Kyoichi graduated. Wataru currently works for a jack of all trades agency that does anything for their customers. He is sent by Kyoichi’s wife to investigate whether Kyoichi is having an affair. Wataru tells Kyoichi that he has liked him for the past 7 years. He also tells Kyoichi that he wants to have a sexual relationship with him and in return, he won’t tell his wife about his infidelity.

30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii


Adachi Kiyoshi gains magical power while still a virgin at the age of 30; the ability to read other people’s minds by touching them. At first, he’s overwhelmed by his new ability, and it doesn’t help. However, everything changes when he accidentally touches Kurosawa Yuichi, whom he learns has romantic feelings for him.

Restart After Come Back Home


Mitsuomi Kozuka quits his job in Tokyo and decides to return to his hometown in the country for the first time in 10 years. His relationship with his Father was strained after he moved to Tokyo and didn’t want to take over the family business. There, Mitsuomi Kozuka meets Yamato Kumai. Yamato Kumai is the adopted son of old man Kumai, who took him in after his parents abandoned him in a park when he was a baby. The old man runs a farm near the home of Mitsuomi Kozuka’s parents. Yamato talks Mitsuomi into helping out on the farm and that’s when their relationship grows and begins to change them both.

Seven Days


Early on a bright Monday morning, Shino Yuzuru invites Seiryo Toji to a party when they meet at the school gate. The extremely popular Seiryo has a strange habit of dating anyone who asks him out at the beginning of the week and immediately dumping them by the end of the week. The film consists of two series: Seven Days: Friday – Sunday and Seven Days: Monday – Thursday.

Love Place: Shiawase no Katachi


Souta and Doumoto have finally moved together. However, the couple’s happiness is short-lived since Souta’s older sister, Kozue, unexpectedly goes to him brother for asylum after arguing with their parents and running away from home. Souta will end up developing jealousy towards him sister since he believes Doumoto is interested in him.