Kilograms to Grams conversion

With the tool on the page, you can automatically translate between Kilograms and Grams from weight measurements. The conversion process you will make works automatically based on the kilogram gram conversion formula. To perform the conversion, simply enter the value you want in the box below and press the “Convert” button. The result will appear immediately below.

Kilograms to Grams conversion

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How to convert from Kilograms to Grams?

1 kilogram (kg) equals 1000 grams (g).

1 kg = 1000 g

Kilogram to Gram conversion formula

Mass m in grams (g) is equal to mass m in kilograms (kg) times 1000:

m (g) = m (kg) × 1000


Convert 5kg to grams:

m (g) = 5 kg × 1000 = 5000 g

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