The best Korean BL dramas and movies 2024

We have listed the best dramas for those who love Korean BL dramas. Here is the list of BL (Boys Love) series and movies released in recent years. Are you a fan of BL (Boys Love) dramas? This breed is loved by many. BL genre dramas have become very popular in Korea in recent years. Let’s start talking about the best Korean BL dramas now!

Happy Merry Ending


Seung Jun is a singing coach and a part-time singer at weddings, where he performs without any enthusiasm. He is insecure, withdrawn, and has been suffering from panic attacks since being brutally abandoned by her first love. When Jae Hyun, the newly hired pianist at the wedding hall, meets Seung Jun, he is instantly stunned and immediately pursues him romantically. Even though Seung Jun doesn’t reject Jae Hyun, he can’t let anyone get close to him.

Love Mate


As a team leader, Seo Lee Joon is far from soft. Lee Joon’s content production team is one of the best in the company. A very outspoken person, Ha Ram does not hide anything about herself, including her sincere beliefs about love. Lee Joon, who is himself a skeptic about love, has a hard time understanding how Ha Ram can be so open about love. Finding themselves in a push-pull relationship, Lee Joon and Ha Ram slowly begin to understand each other better as they learn about each other’s past and present struggles.

The Eighth Sense


Ji Hyun, a new student from a peaceful rural town, has a hard time adjusting to Seoul’s bustling city life. While in college, he meets Jae Won, who has just finished his military service. As they share their love of surfing, they begin to develop feelings for each other. They kiss during a surfing trip, but Ji Hyun is confused about her feelings when Jae Won acts like nothing happened.

Our Dating Sim


A story about what happens when two men who have been friends since school days meet again at work and create a dating simulation game.

A Shoulder to Cry On


At school, Lee Da Yeol spends most of his time living as a foreigner. Unpopular, Dae Yeol’s only real joy comes from his time at the archery club. But an untimely encounter with an extremely handsome classmate gets him in trouble and jeopardizes his precious scholarship.



Cha Si Won is popular among people where ever he goes. In his childhood, Si Won was teased by his younger sister that he’s ugly. Since then, Si Won put a great deal of effort to become handsome, and he has succeeded. Being in college now, Si Won did not doubt that he will be the most beloved person on the campus. However, there is a guy called Hyeong Da Un, who has a perfect look, gets straight A’s, comes from a rich family, and even has a great personality.

Where Your Eyes Linger


Meet Han Tae Joo, the 18 year-old student and successor to the TB Group. Blessed with a wealthy family, good looks and popularity, he has few worries. Kang Gook, his thoughtful childhood friend, is physically strong and is trained in different martial arts disciplines. Tae Joo is Kang Gook’s only friend. Tae Joo trusts Kang Gook and feels at ease around him. Tension erupts between them when a new female student, Hye Mi, shows interest in Kang Gook. As the two go on a date, Han Tae Joo becomes irritated, and soon after, long-suppressed emotions start surfacing. Could there be more to their platonic friendship?

Semantic Error


Chu Sang Woo is a junior computer science majoring student who prizes reason, rules, and a rigid sense of what is right above all else. As part of his university work, he is told to work on a group project for the liberal arts, whereby the group is required to make a final presentation in order to pass the module. But as the rest of the group – whom he knows nothing about – have decided to leave him to do all the work on his own, he decides to remove their names, and make the presentation in his name. But little did he know that when he did this, he would deal a heavy blow to the academic prospects of a senior student named Jang Jae Young. The latter, a design major, is Chu Sang Woo’s polar opposite. He is stylish, fun-loving, and – above all – extraordinarily popular. He is the closest thing the college has to a superstar! But when his credit for the liberal arts project is taken away, his grand plans to study abroad are suddenly thrown up in the air. He seeks out Chu Sang Woo and is of a mind to torment him. But when the duo is forced to work together, a strange attraction starts to develop between them…

Love Class


Cha Ji Woo is a sophomore in college. He is short in stature and very gentle by nature. He is also in love with one of her classmates, Bae Yu Na, he. However, he is pursued by a mysterious person and as a result is afraid of all men; Except for Ji Woo, who is kind and non-threatening. But one day, a college class requires students to pair up in “pairs” to complete a love-related project. Everyone forms heterosexual “couples”. However, Yu Na and a classmate who is in love with her professor decide to team up as a gay “couple”. This means that Ji Woo must form a “couple” with Lee Ro Ah, a tall, confident senior, whom he has never met before. As they start working together, Ji Woo starts to wonder if Ro Ah likes him. And if that’s the case, could his feelings for Yu Na be misplaced?

Mr. Heart


Despite the fact that things just never seem to go his way, Sang Ha always manages to find a reason to smile. A member of the school track team, Sang Ha loves to run, but distance has never really been his thing. For Sang Ha, sprinting is what brings him the most joy. Jin Won, on the other hand, is exactly the opposite. A record breaking marathon runner in high school, Jin Won is well on his way to becoming a marathon superstar. Determined to live up to the expectations of his coaches and colleagues, Jin Won cares about one thing and one thing only: running his next race. When Jin Won finds himself struggling to maintain his record-breaking stats, his coach suggests Sang Ha step in to help as a pacemaker. Disappointed in the coach’s decision, Jin Won is anything but friendly to his new partner but with time and determination, the two runners come to find they share a similar passion, both on the track and off. As the two become closer, they begin to realize their feelings for each have taken an unexpected turn. But can they move from friend to friendlier without risking everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve? The followup project to the popular BL drama, “Where Your Eyes Linger” (2020), “Mr. Heart” is a 2020 idol web drama directed by Park Seon Jae.

Light On Me


Tae Kyung is a 18-year-old high school student. He is also a lifelong loner. But one day, he starts questioning his own judgment and tells a teacher that he no longer wishes to be alone. The problem is, he has no idea how to start going about making new friends. The teacher advises him to join the school’s student council. He agrees, but discovers that making friends may be harder than it seems.

He meets the Vice President of the council, Shin Woo, who is cool and level-headed, but also somewhat cold toward him and reluctant to accept Tae Kyung. However, he also meets the super-attractive President of the council: Da On, who appears to take an instant shine to him. The beginnings of a romance appear to be in the cards for Da On and Tae Kyung, but Shin Woo does not seem to approve. Matters are further complicated by the fact that Da On’s close female friend – who secretly loves Da On – is jealous of their closeness, and attempts to drive a wedge between them!

Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart


A free-spirited singer whose love of music has him performing on the streets, Kang In Soo’s life revolves completely around music. Supported by his friends, In Soo hopes to someday turn his love of music into a full-time career, but doing so isn’t easy. Refusing to give up on his dreams, In Soo continues busking, day in and day out, while his best friend, Choi Min Sung, records his performances and uploads them on YouTube. Little does either of them know that In Soo’s performances have caught the attention of someone who could change the young musician’s life forever.

A keyboardist working at a major record company, Yoon Sang Yi is always on the lookout for new talent. After stumbling upon In Soo’s videos, Sang Yi has become one of the singer’s biggest fans. Convinced In Soo could make it big, he recommends the young artist join his company’s rookie discovery project. Seeing this opportunity in this invitation, In Soo accepts the offer and soon moves into the company residence with Sang Yi.

As the two live and work together, their relationship grows, and slowly, new feelings begin to blossom. Unfortunately, as their feelings grow, so do the obstacles that stand in their way. Will In Soo and Sang Yi be able to find a way to overcome the trials before them or will their love fade before ever having a chance to fully bloom?

Color Rush (2020)


Monochromatic people (known as ‘Mono’s) live in a world where they are not able to see colours and therefore view their surroundings through varying shades of grey, black and white. However, every Mono has a fated person (known as ‘Probe’s) who is able to trigger their grey-scale world into colour, inducing what is termed as a ‘Colour Rush’.

Yeon Woo is a Mono. He’s aware that other colours do exist but has never experienced them for himself, nor was he interested in doing so. However, Yeon Woo’s life is forever changed when he meets Yoo Han, his Probe, and experiences his first ‘Colour Rush’. Terrified that he would be obsessed with Yoo Han because of Yoo Han’s ability to make him see colours, Yeon Woo tries to avoid Yoo Han but why does Yoo Han insist on drawing close to him?

Cherry Blossoms After Winter


The death of his parents forces a seven-year-old boy named Seo Hae Bom to move in with an adoptive family who have a young son of the same age named Jo Tae Seong. Seo Hae Bom is in awe of Jo Tae Seong – he considers the boy to be everything that he is not: tall, handsome, popular, caring, and worthy of love and attention. The diminutive Seo Hae Bom thinks himself inferior and is humbled by the kindness of the family that took him in. Things become slightly different for the duo, however, after Seo Hae Bom and Jo Tae Seong end up in the same high school class. All of a sudden, they are spending more time than ever together at home and at school. An unexpected romantic spark ignites between the two – but what will Cupid have to say about all this?

Roommates of Poongduck 304


A happy third-generation chaebol of Guemman Group, 29-year-old Ji Ho Jun receives an ultimatum from his father: he must live without money for two years and succeed as team leader in Guemman Group’s new business team. Ho Jun was kicked out of the house and moved to the villa he came to with a Ferrari. When he arrives, the owner of the villa, Seo Jae Yoon, ignores and mistreats him as a swampy man driving a penniless luxury car. However, when they meet as team leader and subordinate, it is revealed that they work for the same company. What will happen between them?

Long Time No See


The renowned hitman, “Flying Dagger’” starts dating “Wild Dog” who isn’t really what he seems to be. While both of them hide their secrets, they cannot help falling in love with each other.

They run into danger as gangsters chase after them. Will “Flying Dagger” reveal his secret identity? Will they be able to overcome obstacles and keep their love?

You Make Me Dance


Song Shi On is a university student who is majoring in contemporary dance. After a major row, he has been thrown out of the family home and is left with an emotional wound. He decides to pursue his ambition and ends up sharing a rooftop apartment with Jin Hong Seok. This cold but attentive man works as a debt collector for the lending firm Chachacha Capital and has abandoned his dream of becoming a pianist. As the duo forms a close bond, the affection of CEO Cha Soo Ryeon and the jealousy of senior student Jung Hun threaten to derail their fledgling love story.

In Between Seasons


Mi Kyung lives apart from her husband and raises Soo Hyun, her high school-aged son. One day, Soo Hyun brings home his friend Yong Joon to stay. A few years later, after completing his military service, Soo Hyun gets into an accident while on a trip with Yong Joon and is hospitalized in critical condition. Soon after, Mi Kyung discovers a secret her son and Yong Joon have been keeping from her.

To My Star


Actor Kang Seo Joon was once one of South Korea’s biggest and most popular stars, but his career is now in decline. Despite his fall in popularity, he believes he has had a change of fortune when he meets and falls for a dashing young chef named Han Ji Woo.

Despite having wildly different personalities, the two enter a relationship. However, their love comes under threat when the more conservative Han Ji Woo and the free-spirited Kang Seo Joon realize that their outlooks on life, love, and everything else appears irrevocably different.

My Pistachio


Muyeong, who has a crush on his senior Hanbit, is too nervous to confess his feelings. In the play directed by Hanbit, Muyoung applied as an actor, but Hanbit doesn’t even pay attention, saying, “The lead actor is already chosen.” Can Muyeong really confess his feelings to Hanbit?

Method (2017)


A veteran actor and an idol are starring together in a play called ‘Unchain’. In the play, their characters become involved in a relationship and as they rehearse, the distance between reality and fiction starts to get blurry.

Step for You


Yu Sang is a school newspaper journalist and wants to interview Jun Han for an article. Jun Han accepts it but wants Yu Sang to practice dancing with him in return. As the practice goes on, Yu Sang finds himself attracted to Jun Han.

As If You Whisper


While busking, Bum Soo falls for his fan Hyun Woo and realizes his musical identity. Producer Hee Jin wants Bum Soo to be a successful singer, but Bum Soo just wants to make good music.

Behind Cut


Ki Jin is a budding fashion design student who dreams big: He wants to become a world-famous clothing designer. But the journey to the top of South Korea’s fashion tree is not an easy one, and he is struggling to find the right path. One day, on the street, he bumps into Yeong Woo, an ever-optimistic part-time delivery worker. Even though it seems everyone he knows has formulated a grand plan about how their future will unfurl, Yeong Woo doesn’t have a dream. While all others are in a rush to get somewhere in life, it seems that his own life is stuck in first gear.

Although things have got off to a decidedly shaky start for Ki Jin and Yeong Woo, they start to develop a fondness for one another, and start to wonder if their seemingly opposing blend of determinedness and acceptance could be a case of “opposites attract.” But when a leading model named Lee Bin arrives on the scene, things get complicated. He starts to develop a crush on Ki Jin. Could this development spell the end for the fledgling romance between Ki Jin and Yeong Woo?

Kissable Lips


A sweet and bloody campus romance between Jun Ho, a vampire who is walking the path of extinction, and Min Hyun, a human with pure blood. Jun Ho is a vampire who is about to die. To survive, he will need to drink pure blood and thus become a human. One day, while searching for this pure blood, he meets Min Hyun, a human with pure blood. But another vampire named Hae Soo, who knows about Jun Ho’s past traumas, causes Min Hyun and Jun Ho to fall out. Living a normal life as a human and protecting Min Hyun, what will Jun Ho have to face?

Oh! Boarding House


Sul Won is an out-of-work young man whose mother runs a low-cost boarding house for students and men who don’t have enough money to buy or rent an apartment on their own. But when his mother suddenly goes on vacation, he leaves Sul Won in charge of the boarding house – becoming the de facto live-in landlord. The residents of the boarding house are a mixed bunch. They include a high school senior, who also happens to be Sul Won’s cousin. There is also Sul Won’s former college friend, as well as Kim Chun Seo, a high school teacher. Rounding out the number is a third-year university student who dreams of becoming a writer. As the young men spend more time together, a close bond of friendship begins to form in the house. But when Sul Won discovers that some of the tenants have begun to develop a crush on him, Cupid could well come calling!

First Love Again


The popular web novelist Yeon Seok has one big secret. He has been living for 300 years in order to achieve his first love. He is searching for his first love, Jeong Ha Yeon, who suddenly appears in front of him as a 25-year-old man. Yeon Seok, who never thought his first love would be reborn as a man, pushes Ha Yeon away at first. However, because Ha Yeon is Yeon Seok’s editor at Sin Bi books, Yeon Seok can’t escape Ha Yeon and they naturally grow closer over time.

Blue of Winter


Ji Seok and Do Jin meet Hyeon Woo during high school at a judo competition between high schools in Seoul. Hyeon Woo, who is obsessed with fighting despite knowing that he will get hurt, uses reckless techniques against his opponent to win. In the end, Hyeon Woo ends up on a stretcher, but he can’t hide his joy at the feeling of having managed to win. Ji Seok and Do Jin are curious about Hyeon Woo from that day on. Do Jin follows Hyeon Woo to the same school and meets Hyeon Woo again at the judo club.

The New Employee


Seung Hyun is a virgin man in his late twenties. He finally succeeds in interning at his dream job. On his first day at work, he meets the handsome but cold Kim Jong Chan. He is Seung Hyun’s new boss! Will the two be able to keep their hands off each other at work?

Once Again


Shin Jae Woo is a man who haunts his painful memories. He dreams of being able to somehow turn back time and change his destiny and Kang Ji Hoon’s destiny. In 2007, the paths of these two young people crossed and Shin Jae Woo fell in love with Kang Ji Hoon, whom he admired more than anyone. But the cruel twist of fate meant that they couldn’t be together, and Shin Jae Won has since blamed himself for what happened. Now, 15 years later, Shin Jae Woo is returning to the college dorm where Kang Ji Hoon used to live. While there, she finds an intercom receiver and picks it up and is stunned to hear Kang Ji Hoon’s voice! He realizes that he has gone back in time to 2007, ten and a half years.

The Tasty Florida


Seo Hae Won, a newly moved college freshman, is no longer sure what to think of the guesthouse he calls home. Thanks to its convenient location on the roof of Florida Banjeom, a popular Chinese restaurant, people from all over the world are in and out of the building all the time. However, it’s not the constant influx of guests that worries Hae Won; it seems like the owner and head chef of the restaurant, Baek Eun Kyu, has a serious problem with him. Recommended by a restaurant owner friend, Cha Ji Soo, for a part-time job at the restaurant, Hae Won thought he would easily fit in with the staff; but for some reason it seems like Eun Kyu didn’t like him instantly.

Choco Milk Shake


A cat and dog crossed the rainbow bridge, but came back as humans? Jung Woo lives alone and works part-time at his uncle’s shop after losing his parents at the age of 20. One day, two strangers enter the house and claim to be Choco and Milk! The two were truly the reincarnations of Choco and Milk, whom he had raised from childhood to high school and lost in an accident. The two’s arrival marks a new beginning and a quest to discover love.

Happy Ending Romance


Cha Jung Woo might have had a bright future as a writer had he not chosen to speak out against the corruption he witnessed among his seniors. Unfortunately, Jung Woo, who could not remain silent when faced with such unscrupulous behavior, chose to speak up and essentially ended his career before it even started. One of the brightest stars in the literary world, Jung Hyun is not afraid of Jung Woo’s tarnished reputation. That being the case, Jung Hyun is a little wary when top broadcaster Han Tae Young approaches his young friend. Tae Young offers Jung Woo the chance to publish under his own name, and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Fueled by jealousy, Jung Hyun tries to keep Jung Woo away from the overly ambitious publisher; but no matter how hard he tries, Jung Woo just can’t seem to resist Tae Young’s many temptations.

Oh! My Assistant


Seon Ho is an artist who draws adult webtoons. It started out as an easy way to make money, but it had some unexpected side effects: he hasn’t been with anyone for over two years! He is now very tired and hires an assistant. He just didn’t expect her to be this cute! Mu Yeong is clean, talented, and apparently full, so why does he want to work under Seon Ho? Looks like Mu Yeong is Seon Ho’s number one fan…

All the Liquors


As a young film director, Ha Yeon Woo’s debut film was well received by both moviegoers and critics. However, after this beautiful start, it fell into a long stagnation. One day, he meets famous fiction writer Sung Woo Jae, whom he once knew but hadn’t spoken to in a while. Will this relationship heal Sung Woo Jae’s wounds and save Ha Yeon Woo from his collapse?

Individual Circumstances


Han Ji Yu is a person who works in the marketing team of a liquor company. Park Ki Hoon, on the other hand, is the devilishly attractive, resourceful chef of a famous restaurant. When Ji Yu is asked to contact Ki Hoon’s restaurant in search of a potential collaboration, he encounters several obstacles. But Ji Yu is not ready to give up. What will he do to break the stubborn chief?