How to make normal video to slow motion video on iPhone?

You can record slow motion video on Apple iPhones. Slow motion videos with very high frames per second can be pretty awesome on the latest iPhones and can turn a boring video into a real masterpiece. But if you’re wondering how to slow motion a previously shot video, you’re in the right place!

In this tutorial, we will explain step by step and in detail how you can record regular videos in slow motion and edit their duration.

Slow motion video

In reality, it is not possible to turn a normal motion video into a slow motion video. However, you can reduce the speed of a video that was previously shot in normal motion to turn it into slow motion. You do not need to install an external application for this.

1. First, run the application called Shortcuts in your application library. If you deleted it later, you can get the app from the Apple Store.

2. Within the Shortcuts app, tap the + sign at the top right and start a new shortcut.

3. Write a name for the shortcut so you can understand what it serves later.

4. Add action “Select Photos” by tapping “Add Action” button.

5. Then expand the action by tapping the right arrow on the side. In the “Include” section, restrict it to “videos” only.

6. Find and add the “Encode” action from the “Search for applications and processes” section at the bottom of the application. Then expand the action with the right arrow next to the Encode action. In the speed parameter, replace “normal” with “always ask”.

7. Finally, add the “Save to photo album” action.

8. Our shortcut is ready! Tap the x icon in the top right and close the shortcut editing screen. Now run the shortcut and select the video you want to slow down and tap the “add” button. Now enter the speed amount. The speeds you enter between 0-1 will slow down the video. However, if you enter a speed higher than 1, the video will speed up in the opposite way.

Recording slow motion video

To capture slow motion videos with your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone.

2. Swipe your finger over the different modes at the bottom.

3. Select the “Slow motion” mode.

4. To start recording slow motion video, point your camera at the person, item or object you want to record and press the red circular button.