Best TV series on Amazon Prime Video

If you don’t know what you can watch on Amazon’s streaming platform, here are a few suggestions. Amazon Prime Video has countless classic and new TV series for subscribers. If you want to watch a new series or rewatch an old favorite, you can use Amazon’s streaming service.

In the battle between streaming platforms that has been going on for years, Netflix seems to be the leader. The platform was one of the first to position itself in this industry and has managed to reign comfortably for a long time; however, there are other services that are taking a share of the market. Prime Video, for example, is gaining popularity thanks to attractive premieres and a good catalog.

If you don’t know very well what you will see on the Amazon service, here we leave you a few productions that we recommend. There’s everything from great series that have captivated audiences for years, to mini-series with lots of fans, and classics you should definitely see by now.

Amazon Prime Video was born as a supplement to the Amazon Prime subscription. But gradually it emerged as one of the strongest on the market, with many of its original series and an enormous catalog variety.

The Wilds

the wilds

This drama is a mix of ‘Lost’ and ‘Big Brother’. A group of teenagers are shipwrecked on an island where they must see how they can turn to help to survive and be rescued at all costs. But they are constantly being watched without realizing it. Each episode mixes this survival adventure with the personal stories of each. What lies behind all this is much more disturbing and darker than it might seem at first glance. Thanks to this thought-provoking mix that attracted you from the very first minute, ‘The Wilds’ has become one of the most successful series of the last season in itself.

Cruel Summer

cruel summer

This is one of those series that came almost silently and became one of the season’s sensations. Coinciding with its title, ‘Cruel Summer’ hits Prime Video in the summer of 2021. His story hooked everyone from the first episode, both because of the interest in its subject and the way it was told. Three parts of the same story, set in successive years and set in the 1980s: a crime, a criminal, and a presumed innocent. Nothing and no one is what it seems. In fact, the twists and revelations continue until the last scene of the series.



It is a war of the little against the big. David’s title against Goliath. In ‘Goliath’ Billy Bob Thornton is a disgraced lawyer who spends more time leaning against a bar than walking. But his apathy and boredom change when he sees the opportunity to sue Cooperman & Bride, the giant law firm he helped create and fired him. That’s when he will do anything to fight in this very unequal fight.



Jack Reacher is a character drawn from the imagination of British journalist and writer Lee Child. Reacher is a former member of the United States Army. He was a researcher throughout his military life, but a fact that we can’t explain to you caused him to abandon everything and live as a nomad. A good-hearted and steely nomad comes to the aid when there is a crime or injustice that needs to be uncovered. The name Jack Reacher certainly sounds familiar to you from the movies. Tom Cruise has already played the character twice, but fans of the novels always believed that the actor was unsuitable for the task. Now, the character has arrived on Amazon Prime Video in the shoes of an actor (Alan Richtson), who, although he’s 1.95 tall and doesn’t weigh 113 pounds, is much closer to the novels in readers’ minds. The series is adapting Danger Zone, the first book in the saga.

The Boys

the boys

The Boys’ superheroes are neither altruistic nor generous, nor do they want to save the world. They want to save themselves first and earn a lot of money along the way. Most of these are marketing tools for a mega-corporation that is almost the main villain of the series. Explicit sex, violence, gushing blood, dark humor… ‘The Boys’ isn’t a friendly drama, but it’s one of Amazon’s biggest hits. It’s based on the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, which is even more monstrous than the show itself.



It is definitely one of the most watched and most famous series on the platform. This hilarious comedy series was confirmation that Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a star, not only in terms of acting, but also in terms of script. The little daily dramas of a British woman in her thirties capture us by breaking the fourth wall, making us a part of them without ever losing the unfiltered cynicism and irony. An existential crisis that has its origins and which we will explore throughout the chapters.

The Expanse

the expanse

The platform is the great exponent of science fiction. Since it belongs to the SyFy channel, the status of this series is very curious and they decided to cancel after the 3rd season. His fans were outraged, and his protests on social networks were very popular. At the time, looking for fiction to inflate its catalog, Amazon took action and realized the potential of this series. They bought it and have since released three more seasons. They finished the series with the sixth. ‘The Expanse’ takes us to a distant future where the Solar System has been colonized but where neither happiness nor prosperity reigns. After a girl’s disappearance, a Mars explorer discovers an interplanetary conspiracy where the peace between the red planet and Earth will be seriously threatened and put everyone’s safety at risk.

The Man In The High Castle


What would have happened if the Axis powers had won World War II? That is the premise that this series is presented to us on. The eastern third of the United States is dominated by the Nazis, the western third by Japan, and in the center a region of several autonomous states where the law of the wild and the fittest prevails. This scenario reveals Joe Blake, a resistance fighter who aims to send a mysterious shipment to Colorado’s neutral zone. Meanwhile, in Japanese San Francisco, Juliana Crane gets some recordings from her sister that illustrate the alternate reality, our current reality, where the allies are the victors of the conflict.

Star Trek: Picard

star trek picard

Several Star Trek series have already been made, but few characters are as beloved as Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). A plot whose tone matches exactly that of the character. Picard spends his last days quietly retiring to a wine-growing estate in the French countryside. But this seclusion takes us only 10 minutes because a mysterious woman gets on her way by uncovering a few secrets from her past she believes are buried. Picard, 80 years old, has to go back to work. Star Trek: Picard brings back just the right dose of nostalgia, but it’s very accessible to those approaching the character for the first time. A candy for science fiction lovers.

The Underground Railroad

the underground railroad

This is one of the series that brought prestige to the platform. Set just before the American Civil War, ‘The Underground Railroad’ tells us the story of Cora, a slave desperate for freedom in South America. To achieve this, he embarks on a journey driven by a rumor. Across the country there is a network of underground tunnels that serve to escape the oppressed and slaves. The journey will not be easy and Cora will discover how hostile and terrible people can be.

Nine Perfect Strangers

nine perfect strangers

Masha’s (Nicole Kidman) clinic is called Tranquillum and is used by millionaires to come to her and leave the dough in exchange for an unusual therapy that will relieve their stress, fears, knots and weaknesses. But more than just a quiet clinic, nine overlapping patients will have to contend with personalities and therapies that go beyond what’s safe. In fact, Masha’s practices and the extreme characters of these 9 patients will take control of the entire clinic, including themselves. It was one of the most anticipated series of last year with its amazing cast, but although it is still very valuable, the series ends with a final episode that does not know how to live.



An African-American family from the 1950s moves to a quiet, ideal neighborhood on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Although it may not seem like a problem at first, all its neighbors are white. The situation changes rapidly and their home becomes the center of a series of paranormal events that threaten this family’s life. Clearly, all these malevolent forces awaiting them are a metaphor for the racism that prevailed in the United States at the time. Its creator, Jordan Peele, uses horror as a tool to tell us about the evil that has gripped humanity. One of them is racism, a scourge far from being eradicated.

The Marvelous Ms. Maisel

the marvelous ms. maisel

This is one of the most awarded and most followed series on the platform. The story takes us to the late ’50s, where a Jewish housewife realizes she has an innate talent for comedy and monologue. Then his life changes radically. In a world, as then, where a woman’s role was limited to doing housework, Miriam Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) stands as a strong and independent example of overcoming the barriers of a society that doesn’t understand why a woman does housework.



A remake of the 2011 movie of the same name. If you didn’t know, the story follows Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles), the daughter of a former CIA agent (Joel Kinnaman) who is trained and instructed by her. However, with the arrival of puberty, young Hanna begins to feel an irresistible desire to leave the places where she has lived in isolation for so many years and to find a freedom that is as much missed as it is dangerous. There are many people who want to hunt him.



Is there life after death? It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in our lives. What if a company could, when you die, download your digital “I” into a cloud where your consciousness will continue to exist after death? That’s the crazy premise of this series. From there, we have a mix of satire and comedy with a cynical nature, where we can imagine what it’s like to live forever. One of the creators of this series was the director on ‘The Office’ so we already know where this sarcastic line comes from. This mix of humor with ultra-tech dystopia and ‘Black Mirror’ ultimately gives us a series that deserves to be given a chance for how intriguing it is.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

jack ryan

At least the Jack Ryan series movies starring Harrison Ford were a lot of fun. While a prequel movie starring Chris Pine might stumble upon, this alternative TV series is well worth a watch. John Krasinski is as effortless as Ryan, a forced CIA analyst to break into the field. Like Wendell Pierce from The Wire as Jack Greer, Ryan’s mentor, who once belonged to James Earl Jones.

Mr. Robot

mr. robot

Sam Esmail has created something special in Mr Robot. The story of hackers seeking to undermine the power of corporate America has never been more interesting. It’s also great that he stars Oscar winner Rami Malek as Elliot, an anti-social hacker with his fair share of tics. Supporting actors are also good. BD Wong and Christian Slater are great in their roles.

The fourth season of Mr Robot is here now, picking up where last season left off, and it’s as grimly and firmly tense as ever. Some critics were critical of the idea for a fourth season, but we think there’s more stories to tell here, and we can’t wait to see where series creator Sam Esmail takes it.



At first glance, Vikings seems a bit one-dimensional: it’s an entire show based on the loot, conquest and brutal world of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. But that’s definitely not within the Game of Thrones budget. The character development in the first three seasons is nicely handled, and Vikings really well conveys what a simple story is, even up to season 6.



Seeking revenge in 1977 in New York City, a troubled young Jew works with a secret group of Nazi hunters fighting a secret war against the hiding high-ranking Nazi officials working to create the Fourth Reich.

Tales From The Loop

tales from the loop

It’s quite rare for a series to be inspired by anything other than the book, but this one is based on the paintings by Simon Stålenhag. That’s a great premise; each picture is like a jumping off point for a chapter, a glimpse into a larger narrative. So much fun; A time travel series with clues from Twin Peaks and its major broadcast rival’s hit show, Stranger Things.