The best Spanish TV shows on Netflix

TV series born in Spain attract a large number of viewers around the world, especially on Netflix, the great multimedia platform available, and there are also many in Turkey. Among the Spanish series available on Netflix, we leave our recommendations that astonish the audience.

Grab a good bowl of popcorn, turn on the TV, and immerse yourself in our recommendations that make up the best recommendations. Comedies, thrillers, murders, mysteries, not-so-great superheroes, legendary heists and much more are just a few clicks away on your remote and the best Spanish Netflix series.

From the biggest heist in Netflix history with the famous La Casa de Papel to a few comedies like Paquita Salas and El Vecino, Netflix offers Spanish content that will keep you entertained for hours, days, and weeks.

Los favoritos de Midas

In this mini-series, starring the always flawless Luis Tosar, we have the opportunity to witness the threats of a strange group that knows how to deal with suspense and sheer drama and calls themselves Midas.

Alguien tiene que morir

Combining Spain and Mexico, this production introduces us to the story of a young man who returns to Spain at a time when Francoism occupied every corner of the peninsula and brought a ballet dancer with him.

El Vecino

We will get an opportunity to get closer to the life of an ordinary boy, Javi, who has an uninteresting job and a girlfriend who is considering getting him on his feet. A nighttime visitation by a being from outer space offers to join him in the battle against the evil plaguing the universe.

El desorden que dejas

Our protagonist is a new teacher at a high school in a Galician town and gets immersed in a story of betrayal, crime and insecurity there.

Paquita Salas

Salas, one of the most famous representatives of actors and actresses, desperately needs to gain clients after his latest failure. If you want to know a great example of Spanish humor, this is the reference series.

Criminal España

This work tells us about three investigations, a thriller in which three suspects are put under the scrutiny of the police.

Si no te hubiese conocido

If you want a more candid story, you should dive into the story of Eduard, a married man with two children who, overnight, ends up in great pain due to an accident he inadvertently caused. A mysterious woman claiming to be a retired scientist leads him on a dangerous experiment by showing him a way to ease his pain.

La Casa de Papel

It tells the story of an organization where a group of small-time thieves, led by a mysterious character who calls himself the Professor, prepare to rob the Currency and Stamp Factory in Madrid. But this heist is nothing but the beginning of a great television adventure.


Helena with the ax is the protagonist of this disturbing series that tells the story of a woman who works as a prostitute in Barcelona in the 60s.

Sky Rojo

The story we’re told will bring Wendy, Coral and Gina, who are forced to flee the stewardess club where they work, closer to their lives as they get into a fight with the pimp who held them captive.


The disappearance of a young couple’s daughter marks the beginning of a series of connections between Spain and Colombia that will lead to a dark spiral of affairs in order to find out what really happened to the little girl and where she might be heading.

Alta Mar

The story takes us on a long journey between Spain and Brazil, where a pair of sisters will begin to discover the secrets their families have been hiding on the magnificent ship.

Las chicas del cable

Las Chicas del Cable should be one of your first choices if you’re curious about the history of Spain, want to admire the empowerment of women, and are ready to be amazed by the performances that both the production and the cast have given us. Its protagonists, over their six successful seasons, offer us a completely different vision of Madrid in the 1920s.

El inocente

The story told through eight characters will invite us to explore the underground world of Spanish society. The story is told in parallel, eventually it will all come together and come to an end.


Although we are talking about a series of documentaries and not a fictional series, the story of Nevenka Fernández, who became the first woman to win a sexual harassment lawsuit in Spain.

El caso Alcàsser

If you want to know the new leads and the new investigation tackling one of the most notorious cases of the end of the last century in Spain, Netflix brings you an indispensable documentary for true crime lovers. The discovery of the bodies of three teenagers, Míriam, Toñi, and Desirée, will spark a media storm with as many conspiracy theories imaginable, and expose humanity’s darkest side.


A survivor of a Nazi massacre will be recruited by a specific group of spies with a well-defined goal: World War II.


I think it will not surprise anyone that this television series is the first to make a name for itself, because the success it has achieved thanks to the roles played by many of its actors in the famous La Casa de Papel is a well-deserved success as well as its exemplary workmanship and editing.