The best Thai TV series 2024

If you’re a fan of Asian dramas, check out the best Thai dramas to watch in 2023. Here you can find some of the best and new Thai dramas from recent years, especially 2024, as well as some of the most popular from previous years.

As with most Asian dramas, Thai dramas are great resources if you want to learn more about everyday life and discover more about this beautiful culture. We can enjoy these series more than ever before. From love stories, action dramas, spooky thrillers and mysteries, you can find a new series suitable for every month of the year.

There is a wide variety of Thai dramas and most of them can be watched on platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Viki, WeTV, HiTV and iQIYI. All these Thai dramas have English subtitles, so language barriers won’t cause any problems. Here we look at the best Thai dramas of the last 5 years, especially 2024, 2023, 2022 and 2021. We will continue to offer you the most beautiful series by updating our list of Thai TV series periodically.

Thai Cave Rescue


The limited series is based on the world famous event of 2018. Twelve boys from the same soccer team decided to spend an afternoon with their coach exploring the Tham Luang caves in northern Thailand. What should have been fun turned into a massive international rescue operation that stunned the world, when heavy rain flooded the caves and left them stranded inside.

In Family We Trust


Things seem to be going perfectly for wealthy Thai-Chinese Jiranans. As the family runs a series of luxury hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya, each of the family members seems close. However, the oldest member of the family from the second generation is killed on the family property. Pete, son of deceased partners, teams up with his cousin Yi to find the killer. This is a suspenseful family drama that will leave you wondering who the killer might be throughout the entire series.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us


Sasiwimol is an extremely successful director. He has a friendly relationship with his young son, Wang. What will Wang do when he falls in love with his old friend Inthawut? In this age of variability, love, relationships, understanding, mother and son learn from each other. A friendship will change forever.

The Gifted: Graduation


Two years have passed and the new school year is starting again. With that comes a resurgence of The Gifted program and a hidden threat from the ministry led by a new teacher, Darin. A promising new student and member of the newest talented generation, Time seeks change within the school while maintaining its hierarchical structure. What will the final battle be like, full of dangers and more complexity than meets the eye? Who will be victorious? Will Pang and his friends be able to maintain their friendship and ideals?

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers


Gorya is a simple girl who works in a flower shop. She passes an exam and is accepted into a prestigious and luxurious school for the rich. The school is run by an elite clique known as F4, which consists of four rich, handsome and spoiled kids. Gorya is the only one who stands up to their tyranny and amazes all the men, especially Thyme, the leader of the group. Thyme, who almost instantly falls in love with Gorya, pursues her romantically, but because of her first impressions, Gorya has nothing to do with her. Instead, he falls in love with his best friend Ren, but Ren is still in love with his childhood sweetheart Mira.

Girl From Nowhere


A mysterious, clever girl named Nanno transfers to different schools, uncovering the lies and mistakes of students and faculty at every opportunity. Girl From Nowhere is a 45-minute crime-drama-fantasy-mystery-thriller series starring Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno, Up Poompat Iam-samang as Hok and Sapunpohng Anuchit as Teacher Tor.

Hurts Like Hell


The real winner is the survivor. From illegal gambling to match fixing, explore the seedy underworld behind the once-revered sport of Muay Thai.

The Leaked


As social media has become a part of our lives, we have all inadvertently collaborated to create the dark side of internet crime that takes the lives of innocent children every day, without realizing it.

Bad Genius


What started with cheating on a classroom exam escalated to stealing a national exam paper. These are not your everyday students. It is a reflection of the deception that takes place at all levels of Thai society. Unlike the movie, it is guaranteed with different versions and various forms of drama.



Akeanan is an outstanding school in every way. He goes to Traffic Akeanan to look for his sister, Fah, who disappeared months ago and neither the police nor the school can trace her. Traffic receives an invitation from his teachers to join the secret shadow society known as the Blacklist, which is said to be dedicated to investigating mysterious events at their school. Those outside the school united in the Blacklist will not only find out what happened to Fah, but will also uncover the deep dark secrets of the Akeanan School.

Monkey Twins


Inspired by the Khon dance drama and Thai martial arts, a wounded warrior joins forces with a determined cop to fight an organized crime gang.

3 Will Be Free


Neo is a stripper who escaped from moneylender Thana and his gang after he had an affair with Thana’s wife, Vanika. One day, the criminals find him at the bar where he works. While trying to escape, she encounters two life-changing people: Shin, a gay boy, Thana’s son, frustrated by being rejected by a friend; and Miw, the manager of a gogo bar who has escaped from his past. They accidentally kill one of the gang members chasing Neo, which makes them enemies of the gang. Now all three of them must find a solution to escape this situation together, while also managing the physical and emotional attraction that has developed between them.

Hua Jai Sila


Tor is the son of a mistress from a rich man. After his mother dies from neglect, Tor is forced to live with his father’s family. She is abused by her stepmother and stepbrother. One night, while being chased by his stepmother, Tor jumps into a river and is presumed dead, although he survived. She is taken under the wing of another prostitute, who knew her mother and started a new life as Sila. Years later, he returns as a wealthy pimp, famous for his plans to avenge the death of his mother and avenge the torture and pain brought upon him by his stepmother and stepbrother.

Sleepless Society: Insomnia


Aya is a young female model with a recurring dream: she always dreams of seeing her mother kill someone in a house on the island where she lived as a child. These dreams cause insomnia and eventually lead to chronic insomnia to the point where he becomes confused and begins to separate reality from dreams.

My Dear Donovan


Donovan is an American model searching for a woman he has lost contact with. Pam is a kindergarten teacher. Pam learns that she must undergo expensive surgery when her grandfather falls ill. To raise money, Pam takes a job working at Palee Modeling, where she’s been appointed as a manager and personal translator for Donovan. She soon clings to both her work and personal relationships.

Who Are You


Mind, an orphaned student after enduring brutal bullying, tries to take his life in hopes of getting rid of his problems. He miraculously survives amnesia and awakens to a new life as he impersonates Meen. Mind and Meen couldn’t be more different, aside from being identical twins. Mind, who lives as Meen, gets to meet Meen’s close friend, Natee, a young swimming athlete, and the naughty handsome Gunkan from school, who later comes to help her recover her lost memories. But as time goes on, the truth comes out, causing her to feel more pain than she’s ever experienced.

To Sir, With Love


The Five Dragon Guild is under the leadership of Jao Sua Song. He is talented and controlled at work, but things have become chaotic in the family. He has the eldest son, Thian, from his main wife, Li. He has a second wife, Jan, with whom he has a son named Yang, and a mistress named Bua. Masculinity is valued in a Chinese family. Thian is the face of the family that will eventually replace Song, carrying the power his father built. Khun Chai is not a position for everyone. Love between two men is hindered by Chinese society.

P.S. I Hate You


A secret tape of Phanthiwa is revealed at her wedding to Phureenat. Humiliated by the incident, he decides to commit suicide. It was only his group of five friends who knew Phantiwa’s secret. Meena tries to find the culprit. During her investigation, Meena needs to delve into Phanthiwa’s past with her ex-boyfriend, Pitch. The more he digs, the darker the truth about the clique’s relationship. Thidawal is having an affair with Meena’s boyfriend Chanon. Methacha is secretly filmed and blackmailed by Korawee, Methacha’s mother’s new boyfriend. Saratsawadee, who seems like a sweet conservative woman, is Captain Key’s mistress. He is watched closely by Key’s wife, Natthamol, and Natthamol’s cousin, Lieutenant Term. Palana, a mysterious girl in the friend loop, may have some secrets.

My Forever Sunshine


The story of Paeng, a girl with a tragic life. She has to go to Artit’s house after losing her father. The only way she can stay in this house is to be with him. But no one expected that approaching Artit would almost cost him his life. He eventually begins to hate her to the bone and is exiled away from home for six years until the day they meet again. It may be thought that time will reduce the hatred, but not so for Artit. Not only does She still hate him, she hates him even more than before. But he has to endure it to keep Artit’s last promise to his father!



The five teenagers were neglected by their families. They grappled with various problems such as rape, homophobia, prostitution, domestic abuse and drug addiction. One day they all decide to run away from their homes and gather under one roof, resorting to drugs to relieve the pain caused by their problems.

Bad Romeo


Privileged Saikim meets poor garage owner Kaokla. The two know each other and then don’t see each other for another seven years. However, Kaokla is now Carl Raman, the adopted son and business heir of millionaire Asia Raman. Saikim has become the full-fledged heir to her father’s hotel business and is no longer the innocent girl Kaokla met.

55:15 Never Too Late


How many of us remember what our dreams were as children? What were our hopes and aspirations? How many of us have grown up and realized that all the wonderful, innocent dreams we’ve had are probably not going to come true? It’s harder to be a superstar or a world-famous football player. How many of us have spent our entire lives unable to express ourselves and openly love what we want? This drama is about five high school friends who have dreams and goals but can’t achieve them. It’s a story of second chances, being able to love what you want, dreams come true and happiness.

The Love Proposal


Treenut got to know Time through an accident that happened to his student. This impressed Time and he came to see her more often. But Time was hesitant to tell Treenut that he loved her as he still couldn’t forget his old love for Marisa. Instead, Treenut decided to marry Touch, who was gay. For Touch’s grandfather, Patthana, she urgently needed to get married and have children; It was the only way for Touch to maintain her position as president of “Methee Group”, she. Time met Treenut again as Touch’s bride-to-be. He was in pain, but he needed to keep Touch’s secret from Orachun, who could expose Touch and take his position. Touch’s ex-boyfriend, Chane, began plotting for reputation and Touch’s money. This chaos began to endanger Touch and Treenut.

Remember You


A genius detective teams up with a colleague to investigate a imminent case, but the two find themselves in a game of cat and mouse.



The story of the struggle of two families in the business world, starting from parents and spreading to the younger generation. And maybe… is this where it ends?



As part of a superstitious marriage to fend off bad luck, teenagers Praomook and Chalantorn get married temporarily to help Chalantorn’s luck. While Chalantorn has always thought of Praomook as an ugly duckling and a troublemaker, he has always fallen in love with her. Years later, they meet again by chance in South Korea, where Chalantorn was shot. Believing that the misfortune is back again, his parents ask Praomook to marry him in order to eliminate him. In return, they offer to buy back his father’s house, which he lost due to his debt and which was a burden to him. Praomook agrees to marry him by promising to fall in love with him to take revenge on him, while Chalantorn believes he is manipulative and selfish. To get rid of him, Chalantorn pretends to be in a gay relationship with his best friend Rut, who is attracted to Praomook and wants to win him over. While searching for the person who tried to kill Chalantorn and spending their days trying to challenge each other, Praomook and Chalantorn fall into a love-hate relationship.

Great Men Academy


Love has always been a fan of Vier, the popular man from the famous Great Men Academy, but never had the chance to meet him. One day, she sees the mystical unicorn, which is said to grant wishes, and she wished her love for Vier would take a chance. Unfortunately, the unicorn interpreted her wishes differently, and when Love woke up, did she find herself a man?

The Judgement


A young college student tries to change her school’s toxic culture after a traumatic event at a party makes her the subject of gossip and ridicule.

My Husband in Law


Clever and very talented, Muey has been living with Thien for over seven years. During this time, his love deepens into love, but Thien only realizes him as someone to be mocked and bullied. Completely unaware of her feelings. That’s why she agrees to love him from afar. After all, Thien is smart, rich, hardworking and handsome. His only “flaw” is that he’s a bit of a player. Unfortunately, he gets into big trouble when he sleeps with the wife of a dangerous gangster. In the aftermath, Thien’s life is in danger. Thien’s mother forces him to marry Muey to protect her. Muey only accepts Thien’s safety, but this is also a chance for Thien to be closer to him. While Thien reluctantly agrees and marries Muey, he wants to keep the relationship a secret. How will their relationship progress when Muey starts working for the same company? Is love possible for them in these circumstances?

I Need Romance


A 33-year-old fashion marketing director at a home shopping channel company has developed a tough, prickly outer shell to succeed in the workplace. After multiple failed relationships, she gave up on the idea of finding love. The 26-year-old, carefree songwriter returns to his hometown after living abroad for seventeen years. He was raised by his mother’s friend and daughter, who is now a 33-year-old fashion marketing director. But she only remembers him as the child she had to play with when her mother was very busy. When these two meet again, she tries to heal his exhausted sense of romance.