Transportation prices in Istanbul

There is a hike in transportation fees in Istanbul. According to the new tariff, transportation fees in Istanbul have been determined.

In Istanbul, Turkey’s most populated city, public transportation services continue to be the first priority for transportation. However, the fact that transportation fees are more costly every day has caused public transportation fees to increase.

Due to the frequent hikes in transportation fees, transportation fees in Istanbul change in no time. For this reason, there is confusion about which transportation vehicle has the current price. We have prepared an article for you to solve this problem. In this article, you can find up-to-date all transportation costs in Istanbul. We’ve also left a link to some transport fares’ own updated page.

There are rail transportation, sea transportation, bus services and private public transportation services such as minibus, dolmus and taxi in Istanbul. Shared transportation services such as scooters and bicycles are also becoming more common.

Transportation fees current tariff

Public transportation fees in Istanbul are determined by the IMM Transportation Coordination Directorate (UKOME), but in UKOME, the decision-making majority is not in IMM, but in the central government.

Marmaray, Metro, Tram, Cable Car are used as rail transportation in Istanbul. Marmaray belongs to TCDD, the others belong to IMM. In Istanbul, public transportation vehicles belonging to IMM and Marmaray can be boarded with Istanbul Card. Istanbul card full ticket price is determined as 7.67 TL.

The longest journey on the Marmaray railway line was determined as 16.96 TL, and the shortest journey was 7.67 TL. Transportation fees are given according to the stops. How much money is taken for how many stops are included.

  • Stops
  • Full Fare
  • 1 – 7 Stations
  • 7.67 TL
  • 8 – 14 Stations
  • 9.85 TL
  • 15 – 21 Stations
  • 11, 38 TL
  • 22 – 28 Stations
  • 13.13 TL
  • 29 – 35 Stations
  • 15.32 TL
  • 36 – 43 Stations
  • 16.96 TL
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Sea transportation is very important in Istanbul, because the city is completely covered by the sea. Although land transportation has come to the fore in the city until now, sea transportation is also used extensively. For sea taxi, 100 TL for 0-2 miles, 75 TL per mile for 1-4 miles, 60 TL per mile for 4-8 miles, 48 TL per mile for 8 miles and beyond.

Taxi fares in Istanbul are determined by UKOME. Fares are based on criteria such as waiting time, total distance in metres, and opening fee. However, taxi drivers never like the fare and always ask for a higher raise. Taxi usage rates decrease after each hike, and this time they complain that there are no customers.

Public transportation services are provided by electric buses in Islands. Buses depart from the ferry port and tour the island with two separate routes. While the buses cost 26.28 TL, the island taxi can be used with an opening fee of 32.84 TL and a fee of 26.28 TL per kilometer.

Shared means of transport should also not be forgotten. The ISBIKE bike rental system is especially active in the coastal areas of the city.

  • Subscription Type
  • 0-60 min.
  • 60-120 min.
  • 120-180 min.
  • Each additional hour
  • Advantageous membership (100 TRY/y)
  • 6 TRY (free for the first 30 minutes)
  • 9 TRY
  • 12 TRY
  • 8 TRY
  • Standard Annual (39 TRY/y)
  • 6 TRY
  • 9 TRY
  • 12 TRY
  • 8 TRY
  • Credit Card (79 TRY provision)
  • 6 TRY
  • 10 TRY
  • 13 TRY
  • 8 TRY
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In addition, the Marti scooter service in Istanbul attracts great attention. The tariff for March 2022 has been announced. The starting price of Marti is 1.99 TL. A fee of 1.49 TL is charged for each 1 minute of use.