Taxi fare calculation in Istanbul 2024

You can use the tool below, which is prepared in accordance with the price tariff applied since 2023, to calculate the taxi fare according to the distance in Istanbul. Those traveling by taxi in Istanbul must first choose the taxi type in order to calculate the taxi fare they have to pay for their destination. After entering the taxi type, the distance to be traveled should be written in kilometers and finally the “Calculate” button should be clicked.

Istanbul taxi calculation

  • Select the taxi type
  • Distance (Kilometers)
  • km
  • Calculate
  • Taxi Price
  • TRY

Istanbul taxi prices

The current burgundy or yellow taxi opening fee, which has been applied since 2023, is 12,65 TRY, and the fee per kilometer is 8,51 TRY. In the turquoise (blue) colored taxis, the opening fee is 14,55 TRY and the fee per km is 9,79 TRY. In black luxury taxis, the opening fee is 21,51 TRY and the fee per kilometer is 14,47 TRY. In 8 seater yellow taxis, the opening fee is 16,45 TRY and the fee per kilometer is 11,06 TRY.

The hop-on hop-off fee is 40 TRY in yellow taxis, 46 TRY in turquoise taxis, 68 TRY in black taxis and 52 TRY in 8 seater yellow taxis. The price tariff is valid throughout Istanbul, regardless of villages and city locations. In addition, there is no distinction between day and night tariffs.

Taxi bridge toll

If you are transiting from one side to the other by taxi (for example from the Anatolian Side to the European Side), the tolls are covered by the passenger. According to the 2023 price schedule, Eurasia Tunnel toll fee is 46 TRY, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (3rd Bridge) toll is 19 TRY, 15th of July Martyrs’ Bridge (Bosphorus Bridge) 8.25 TRY, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (2nd Bridge) 8.25 TRY, Osmangazi Bridge is 184.50 TRY. Anatolian Motorway Camlica toll booths are 47 TRY.

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