Who company owns the Poco brand?

Poco branded phones have been very popular in recent years. Did you know that Poco is not really an independent brand? Poco phones are actually a sub-brand of the Chinese company Xiaomi.

Last year, Xiaomi surpassed OnePlus by launching the powerful Pocophone F1 smartphone with a Snapdragon 845 processor for just $300. Now, the Chinese company has announced that it is transforming this sub-brand into a brand new company called Poco. Xiaomi has announced that Poco will now function as an “independent brand”. It’s unclear exactly what this means for the brand, which hasn’t released its phone in over a year since its initial launch.

Who owns the Poco brand?

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is the world’s fourth largest smartphone maker and is particularly popular in India. While it largely sells low to mid-budget devices, in 2018 Samsung launched its Poco sub-brand to compete with high-end smartphones from OnePlus and others. However, since the Pocophone F1, the brand has yet to launch any other smartphones.

Xiaomi also owns the Mi/Redmi sub-brands it created to sell smartphones, computers, TVs and other products in Europe and other markets. Those brands will remain in-house, however, but the Chinese firm appears to be rebranding Poco into a brand new company.

Which company does Poco belong?

Poco’s president, Alvin Tse, said in 2018 that Poco is working on other smartphones and product categories, but details on the brand or future products are still unknown. It is also unclear what resources (production, marketing, etc.) the new company will share with its parent company.

Poco will join a crowded field in a relatively tough market that hasn’t grown much in the past few years. Xiaomi itself now makes more premium devices like the K20 Pro and CC9, so the Poco will compete with its parent as well. Similarly, Huawei has owned Honor for years, Oppo brought us the OnePlus and more recently Realme brands.