A Better Alternative To MileIQ?

MileIQ is a popular online tool that allows runners to track their progress and check their stats.

However, if you were to check the major mileage tracker apps on the market, you’ll find there are other similar tools available that may be better suited for a self-employed or small business owner to save on taxable income. What are some of your favorite MileIQ alternative apps?

Overview of MileIQ

MileIQ is a mileage app solution that automatically tracks mileage on all your drives. You can classify your drives on the MileIQ dashboard into business or personal drives just by swiping it in either direction. This mileage app produces accurate reports. You can also use its web portal to gather advanced reports.

The MileIQ app allows you to onboard a rideshare driver, gig worker, and all the drivers in your organization with just a few clicks. One thing good about MileIQ is that it uses bank-grade security to protect your vehicle web logs that you can use for IRS purposes.

MileIQ: Pros and cons


  • Simple to use
  • Sends an IRS-ready monthly report on complete auto
  • Categorizes business and personal mileage in one swipe
  • Can onboard multiple drivers in just a few clicks


  • A bit technical, so it may not be suitable for everyone
  • Can be a bit expensive, as it costs $59 a year

MileIQ Alternatives

Here are some other apps you may want to consider if you’re looking for a mileage tracker:

  1. MileageWise is a great automatic mileage tracking app to prepare your IRS-proof mileage log on the go in just 7 minutes. You can fill in the gaps in your mileage logs with this app, and this app has an inbuilt auditor that can correct logical conflicts in your mileage records on complete auto.
  2. Google Maps is also a good free resource for mapping your travel.
  3. Everlance is a modern car mileage tracker that can save you time and money while offering vehicle mileage reimbursement and expense management solutions.
  4. TripLog is a very usable app that simplifies reimbursement procedures and tries to maximize your mileage deductions.
  5. Fuelio is another iOS and Android vehicle mileage tracking app that also records your gas costs with gas consumption.


MileageWise is the best mileage app on the market because it has more and better features than MileIQ. It is new, but it is already extremely popular, and it is constantly being updated with new features. You can download MileageWise on the App Store.