How to make a good impression in a job interview?

Self-confidence generates tranquility and this leads you to express yourself naturally. These aspects are fundamental in a job interview. If you manage to talk about your skills and knowledge in a calm and confident way, you will have a great impact.

However, chances are you still have some anxiety. How to strengthen your security in these cases? We want to guide you with some tips for a successful job interview.

Job interview: prepare and impact Days before the interview, you may imagine what they might ask you. And before this, what to answer? It will be the best? These tips will help you direct that long-awaited moment in the best way. Work on each one and you will see how things work out.

1. Preparation: research the company

Acquiring knowledge about the company will allow you to function more confidently during the interview. However, before doing this, research on the Internet what could be the role you would play. That is, what could they expect from you.

Additionally, contact friends and professionals in your area and ask them about the company. Read about their mission, vision, values, and work culture. Also look at their social networks and their website. This will give you clues about how it works.

Remember that knowledge and your studies are power. The more you know, the more tools you will have in your favor to leave an excellent image.

2. How to dress for your job interview?

The type of clothing you choose is key, because, in addition to your non-verbal language, it will make a very good first impression. So, be guided by the level of formality that the company has. Even if there is a dress code, choose within it what you feel most comfortable with.

On the contrary, if the company allows a lot of freedom in the dressing room, everything will be easier for you. The important thing is that your clothes are consistent with the image that the company wants to reflect before others.

3. Be punctual

To be punctual, it is best to leave home with time in advance. This is because you don’t know what can happen on the road. Check the route and schedule of transportation. If you arrive before time much better, it is preferable that you wait for them to wait for you.

4. Above all, trust your abilities

Before entering the interview, get rid of fears and anxieties. Trust in your abilities and previous preparation. Let the recruiter initiate the dialogue, and when it’s your turn, answer honestly.

Also, if you need to take a few more seconds to answer a question, do so. Recruiters know that not all of them are easy to answer.

5. Be yourself, show your personality in the job interview

Don’t be afraid to show yourself as you are. The worst thing can be pretending. Remember that it is not about showing what you are not, this can harm you and the company in the future. Because? Because they will be hiring someone who doesn’t really exist.

Show your personality and all the value you have. In this way, if you stay with the position, your virtues will manage to create a satisfactory environment with the other people with whom you work.

Now, surely it will cross your mind, before the interview, what they can ask you. These frequently asked questions will help you further prepare.

Frequently asked questions in a job interview

The questions to ask in a job interview and their possible answer are recurring thoughts, leading up to the big moment. Therefore, we will show you some possibilities. Thus, you will have greater security and much more confidence in yourself.

  • Why do you want to work here? Give some good reasons by researching the corporate culture and projects. Highlight what you like about the position and combine it with aspects of the cover letter. Make sure your answer doesn’t take more than two minutes; be concrete.
  • What are your weak points? is a typical question. It may cost you, but be honest, remember that we are human. Acknowledge a couple of weaknesses and affirm that you are aware that you are trying to improve every day.
  • How much do you expect to earn? although the question is difficult, you must value your talent in figures. Investigate for this the salary range of your profession to give a real answer.
  • What is the job of your dreams? If they ask you this, it is because the company wants to know if the position is really ideal for you. Focus on answering what you would contribute in that position. Remember that you must demonstrate your capacity for growth in the company.

The awaited moment has arrived. You will have your job interview and the preparation will give you security and confidence in yourself. Stay motivated, bring out the best in your personality and you will see the impact you make.