How to add brushes to Photoshop

In this article, we show you the best download sites to find brushes for Photoshop. In many cases, we need different brushes to prepare our projects in Adobe Photoshop.

These brushes, also called brushes, are very helpful as they allow us to paint our canvas in different ways like abstract or a tree. The use of these brushes has become widespread as they provide a much more efficient work thanks to the ease of downloading and installing them on the computer. That’s why we decided to make this article to show you the best brush download sites for Photoshop.

Brush download sites for Adobe Photoshop

Without further ado, let’s move on to the most important part of this article, the sites you need to know to download Photoshop brushes.


Pepsized is a web page where we can download brushes for Photoshop program. Within this we can find different categories such as technical brushes, nature brushes such as trees, grass or clouds. There are even coffee stains. Once we have selected a category, we will go to another page where we will find a set with all these brushes.

Brush King

Brush King is a complete web page that gives us many more brushes to download and use in Photoshop. We find different categories on the website, so it is very easy to find a particular brush. Among these categories we can find drawings, hearts, painting, nature, plants, vectors, symbols.


The Qbrushes webpage allows us to have a wide variety of brushes for use in Photoshop. On this page we find a wide variety of categories that categorize brushes that make searching easy. Within these categories we can find elements such as abstract, textures, objects, nature brushes, flowers and smoke. In each of these categories we can see subcategories that make the brush search even more specific. This website is ideal for quickly finding the brush we want without having to search for a long time.


WeGraphics is a web page where we can find different elements to use in our projects. Among them we can find fonts, vectors, effects, icons, textures, drawings, among other options, and items that interest us most, such as brushes for Photoshop. In the Brushes section we can find different types. The downside of this website is that it is not categorized, which makes it difficult to find a specific brush we need to do our work in Photoshop.


Ideasplayer is a website dedicated specifically to Photoshop. Within this we can find different categories such as articles, design tutorials, drawing effects and retouching. We also find Photoshop tutorials and textures. There is a category called brushes that allows us to download different brush styles. The brushes are separated by sets, so there is no single brush. The license of these brushes is free to use for both personal and commercial use.


The Wowbrushes website looks like a bank of images, but instead of being images, there are brushes. At the top of the page is a search engine that helps us find the more specific brushes we need to do our job. The advantage of this website is that it’s pretty easy to see what the brushes will look like when they paint on the canvas because it shows how it will look with the pictures. The downside of the site is that they are not categorized by category which makes it difficult to search for specific brushes, we only have our superior search engine to be able to do this. When we click on the picture of a brush, it takes us to the download page where we can download the brushes completely free of charge.

123 freebrushes

123 freebrushes is a website that specializes in brushes for Photoshop only. On this site we can find a wide variety of brushes categorized at the top of the page. Among these categories we can find Christmas, food, drink, minerals, sky, water, flowers and many other things they offer us. These brushes are completely free to download and are free for both personal and commercial use.


Brusheezy is a website where we can find Photoshop brushes for free. There are brushes on this page that require a premium subscription to download. On the website we can find different categories to better find the brushes we want to use for our work in Photoshop. These categories are abstract, texture, illustration, 3D, objects, glass, magic, among many other categories we can find on the web. We have different license classes, we find standard, premium, creative and editorial use.