What is AirPods transparency mode?

AirPods Pro are Apple’s most advanced small headphones in terms of technology. Due to its characteristics and design, it is an attractive option for those users who do not want to carry something bulky to listen to content. One of the features that make it interesting is the transparency mode. It allows listening to external sounds if we are in an environment such as the street, traffic and passers-by. With your iPhone or iPad you can customize the transparency mode your way.

How to enable the transparency mode of AirPods Pro?

This transparency mode can be used mainly when you are interacting in an environment with more people or while you are walking down the street. It is vitally important to consider that there will be times when personalizing it is not enough.

As a precaution, if you do not adapt to the transparency mode, it is best to remove the headphones while we are in an activity in which we need to focus our auditory sense. With this situation clear, we are going to see how to customize the transparency mode.

  1. Connect AirPods Pro to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  2. Enable transparency mode in control center
  3. Open Settings and then go to Accessibility
  4. Scroll over the options and tap on Audio/Visual
  5. Tap on the Headphone Adaptations option and turn on said option

To customize the transparency mode

You will have options available to adjust the adaptations of your AirPods Pro. The option that interests us is the transparency mode. Tap on it and then enable custom transparency mode.

After this you will have options to make adjustments. Amplification, transparency balance, tone, ambient noise reduction and speech amplification. You must pay special attention to the amplification and the reduction of environmental noise. If you think it is convenient to make adjustments in the tone, you can modulate it from one side to the other and make comparisons that suit you.

If you have the second generation AirPods Pro you will have adaptive transparency. Allows you to reduce louder noises from the environment around you. In this case, to enable it, you have to go to the settings, tap on the name of your AirPods and then activate adaptive transparency.

AirPods Pro also have conversation amplification (Conversation Boost), activate it to better hear the person in front of you.