Best app to remove people from photos

Do you like a photo, but feel the need to remove some element that doesn’t fit what you wanted to capture? Well, photo remover apps are in high demand due to their great utility. In addition to allowing you to delete people or objects, they can increase or decrease the size, change the brightness or contrast, among other editing functions.

Thus, the number of programs, tools and applications to edit photos, videos and audiovisual material is constantly increasing. However, not all are the same or have the same functions. Therefore, you must be clear about what you need to do, to choose the one that best suits your objective.

If you search iOS, Android and Windows you will find dozens of apps to edit photos and videos. So we have selected five apps to remove objects or people, due to their high demand, level of satisfaction and other positive qualities.


Also known by its full name, Adobe Photoshop has multiple tools on the same platform. In this way, it can be used for multiple actions, from removing people from a photo to correcting every single visual aspect and adding shadows.

While having so many options together makes it seem like a complex application, learning how to use Photoshop isn’t complicated. Also, if you are clear about the functions you will use and learn how to perform them correctly, you will be more than satisfied.

2. Fotor

It is a photo editing application that also has a web version for those who feel more comfortable editing from a computer. In fact, the latter is more necessary and practical for complex and long videos.

Fotor stands out for offering several functions to be able to edit and optimize photographs according to what is required. In addition to deleting people and objects, you will have several possibilities to adjust images. There is a free version that is very complete, although if you want to remove the watermark you must subscribe to the premium version.


It stands out for being very complete and comfortable to meet all kinds of needs and desires. With hundreds of thousands of templates available (some for all users and others only for premium version), it adapts to different platforms and social networks.

Thus, Canva allows you to completely modify as well as enhance and remove people from a photo. With this app, you can also add shadows, arrows, and various other elements. In addition, it is very reliable and can be used for multiple contexts and even entire jobs.

4. Photopea

Some people consider this option to be the best online alternative to Photoshop. This is because it handles the same style and, in fact, it is no coincidence that it has a similar name. Unlike most, this is not an app, but a web one. There you can make edits online and download the results.

Although they are not the most demanded, they have a considerable number of users. In addition, you do not depend solely on an app that you must download on your smartphone.

Likewise, and as in Photoshop, if you want to remove people from a photo or objects, you must use the clone option. Then you need to choose reference elements to erase a content and use the healing brush for shadows if necessary.

5. YouCam Perfect

This photography app is mobile-ready and offers various features including removing objects and people. It stands out for its practicality and friendly design to provide a positive user experience. This has allowed it to obtain a very high rating among users.

Additionally, YouCam Perfect is free, although there are premium features that you have to pay for. In addition, this application allows you to make a backup in the cloud. This is essential, because you can have a backup of your work in case of any unforeseen event.

Certainly, advances in mobile apps and programs make removing people from a photo easy. However, this is not why you should use any one, but rather the one that best suits your needs. Also, keep in mind that the most complete app with the greatest number of tools (for example, Photoshop) is not always the most appropriate.