Most bautiful Arabic names for boy and girl

Arab countries have a very different culture from ours, but it has always caught our attention. Whether for one reason or another, the truth is that it has always been something exotic for us. When choosing a name for a future baby, each family has its preferences, but more and more people are looking to foreign countries looking for originality. And, in this case, the names of Arabic origin are, in addition to novelty (although they are being heard more and more in our country), beautiful and full of meaning.

Keep in mind, also, that the Arabic tradition in United States is extensive, with a wide vocabulary of Arabic etymology, so it should not be so strange as long as we transcribe them into Spanish. And that transcription exists, with a very special sonority.

Arabic names for boys

  • Abdel, which means ‘fair’.
  • Adib, which means ‘educated’ or ‘cultured’
  • Ahmed, which means ‘the most fervent worshiper’.
  • Assim, which is ‘he who guarantees and protects’.
  • Bilal, which is ‘he who satisfies thirst’.
  • Dalil, which means ‘nice man’.
  • Farid, which has several meanings: ‘unique, incomparable, without equal’.
  • Haidar, which means ‘lion’.
  • Hakim, which means ‘wise’.
  • Kamal, which means ‘beauty’ or ‘perfection’.
  • Karim, who is ‘he who is noble and generous’.
  • Madaini, which has three meanings: ‘civilized, urban and modern’.
  • Malek, which refers to ‘he who holds in his hands’.
  • Moad, which is ‘he who is under the protection of God’.
  • Naim, which is one of the gardens of Paradise for the Arab tradition, means ‘tranquility’.
  • Reda, which means ‘satisfaction’.
  • Samir, which is ‘someone who is a partner’.
  • Talal, which means ‘pleasant’, but also ‘rain’.
  • Walid, which is literally ‘newborn’.
  • Zais, which means ‘abundance’.

Arabic names for girls

  • Abla, which means ‘perfectly formed’.
  • Adila, who is ‘the one who is equal or fair’.
  • Amira, which means ‘princess, sovereign’.
  • Azahara, which is “luminous” or “beautiful person like a flower.”
  • Basima, which means ‘smiling’.
  • Delilah, which means ‘test guide’.
  • Dounia, which means ‘world’.
  • Fatima, who is ‘the weaned girl’.
  • Halima, with three meanings: ‘peaceful, gentle and patient’.
  • Hanane, which means ‘mercy’.
  • Jenna, which means ‘paradise or paradise garden’.
  • Kalila, who is a ‘good friend’.
  • Maissa, which means ‘graceful’.
  • Marjane, which means ‘coral’.
  • Nabila, who is ‘the one who is noble and intelligent’.
  • Nadra, which means ‘golden packet’.
  • Nayla, who is ‘the one with the big eyes’.
  • Salma, which means ‘peace’.
  • Samira, who is ‘the one who tells stories at night’.
  • Zaida, who is ‘the one who grows’.